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Break for Beauty | Blueberry Facial & Peel at The Spa at Hotel Crescent Court

Hotel Crescent Court exterior (evening)

Hotel Crescent Court exterior (evening)

I rolled my little MINI Cooper into the Crescent Court driveway and was greeted by a very pleasant valet staff at the entry of the Hotel Crescent Court. I've always seen the photos on Instagram from the yearly Reward Style conferences or popped over to Shake Shack or the Crescent Court Farmers Market, but never actually had a chance to visit the hotel.

Last week, I was invited to Spa Crescent to experience the new Blueberry Facial and Peel from their spring treatment menu. I especially love blueberries as an ingredient in my skincare routine, so I just had to try it! Hotel Crescent Court overall is beautifully designed externally and the interior is nothing short of fabulous. I was only there for a few hours for treatment and happy hour, but I can only imagine an overnight stay! The service and hospitality was truly superb. I might have to sneak over for a staycation during the summer! 🙈

This treatment is so quick and easy that you can visit for a 25-minute mid-day break for beauty during lunch or just in between stops! I didn't experience any negative effects afterwards or in any of the days following my treatment. Antioxidants are always excellent for the skin in maintaining a natural glow and vibrance and I highly recommend ingredients that contain high amounts for the skin. The Blueberry Smoothie peel treatment makes a great gift for moms, significant others, or yourself for under $100. I promise I won't tell *wink* -- treat yourself!

Visit Spa Crescent at Hotel Crescent Court

Photography by Tony Valadez

Disclaimer: I was invited by the lovely directors at Hotel Crescent Court and Spa Crescent to take a Break for Beauty and try the new Blueberry Smoothie Peel by Cosmedix complimentary for review.

Day at the Aveda Experience Center at NorthPark Center

In this booming beauty industry, I can't believe that Aveda has slipped my mind. If you're like me, you probably didn't realize that the stores offer a handful of complimentary services and consultations. Now that I've been made aware, I will absolutely be taking advantage! Last week, I was invited to the new 10-zone Aveda Experience Center at NorthPark Center here in Dallas. I'd say we're pretty darn special because there are only two other Experience Centers in Denver and Minnesota. 

I started my experience with hair. My consultant examined my hair closer than I've ever seen before, so it was cool to hear more than "you have very curly hair....so use our curly line". She was able to tell me how close my follicles were, how many hairs are growing out of each one, and the condition of my scalp...and even SHOW me the photos. Insane.

Most of what she recommended was from the curly line, but I had a little bit of build-up on my scalp and she was able to recommend the Invati Exfoliating Shampoo. I'm skeptical of most shampoos but I was interested, so they sent me home with it and I'm currently using only on my scalp when I cleanse every other week.

Next, I moved to the skincare zone and we figured out the best routine for my skin based on a series of related questions. After that, I sat at the community table where I received a well-needed neck and shoulder massage. My shoulders tend to tighten up especially with stress, so I'll take a massage any day! They use aromatherapy oils to help with relaxation, too.

My favorite part was the Chakra Experience Zone. Just in case you don't know what chakras are, they're the seven centers in the body (read more). Each chakra has a color, so my consultant asked me to choose three chakras that I felt attracted to by color. Then, she had me close my eyes and inhale each balancing mist associated to those chakras. Based on the sense of smell, I picked the scent that piqued my interest the most...and it happened to be the fifth chakra (throat or light blue) which is the center of creativity, self-expression, and communication. Interestingly, I've felt very strongly that all of these things have been totally unbalanced...so this was one of my top picks. The Chakra 5 balancing mist has top notes of organic grapefruit, ylang ylang, and rosemary.

From a merchandising perspective (that's what I went to school for), I adore the concept. Today, it's important for brands to create an experience for their customers. Aveda is a beauty veteran, so it's nice to see them opening up to a new approach and incorporating technology. The store is so beautifully merchandised -- it's fresh and so representative of what they stand for. I really hope that Aveda opens more of these stores. From the customized routines to the one-on-one consultations, I think it's genius. It just might bring in more younger beauty-goers. 

If you live in Dallas or near the other two locations, you have to check out the Aveda Experience Center! Take a few girlfriends and make a girls' day of it.

Save the date for the grand opening event at NorthPark Center on January 12th!

I was invited by Aveda to experience the new Experience Center and also received products to try. All opinions are my own. // Photography: Danielle Sabol

Experience/Review | Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations Personalized Skincare Serum

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sara, the manager of Kiehl's in Highland Park Village, for a consultation to try their new Apothecary Preparations service. While I was there, I learned that Texas is super special because we are the first three locations (2 in Dallas, 1 in Houston) to offer the personalized skincare service outside of New York. The Apothecary Preparations helps individuals really dive in and identify their skincare needs or concerns to create a custom concentrate. I'm a huge fan of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, so I'm really happy to try mine out! Check out my experience and the steps:

The price of this personalized service is $95 and includes the consultation/diagnosis, one bottle of the Skin-Strengthening Concentrate plus two small tubes of Targeted Comlexes that address your top two concerns. This service is only available in-store.

Update [4/20/17]: I would totally recommend this experience for anyone who is a skincare enthusiast and/or wants to target their skincare concerns with both botanical and clinical strength ingredients. I've been using my serum pretty routinely morning & night (3 drops per application) with at most one other serum and a moisturizer for approximately 7 months. I definitely noticed that it greatly improved my skin in a short amount of time (after about a month) and with routine use over time -- mostly evident in texture which is what I was most concerned with since I wear a lot of makeup for photos/video and texture is very important to me. Read more of my thoughts and how I incorporate my Apothecary Preparations personalized serum in my routine.

Read more about Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations service

Photography by Danielle Sabol

Kiehl's provided a product sample for review purposes.

MAC Nutcracker Sweet | Mini Kits & Gifts (Holiday 2016)

MAC Nutcracker Sweet | Mini Kits & Gifts (Holiday 2016)

I fell in love with MAC Cosmetic's latest holiday collection, Nutcracker Sweet. My favorite Tchaikovsky ballet is The Nutcracker and everything in this collection is gorgeous. If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffers or tiny gifts for under the tree, the mini kits are perfect! Like many of the MAC kits, they're each exclusive shades with a few permanent favorites sprinkled in.

Camille Rose Naturals Routine w/ Leave-In Collection | Honey, Latte & Herbal Tea

Earlier this month, Camille Rose Naturals released The Leave-In Collection. I'd literally just returned from Denver and was trying to save money, but I've been obsessed with CRN for about 5 months now and I couldn't pass these limited edition products up.

The Camille Rose Naturals Leave-In Collection consists of three leave-in conditioners:

  • Honey: Hydrate | Thicker leave-in conditioner that looks just like honey and actually includes honey which is a great hydrating treatment for hair. (My favorite!)
  • Latte: Define | A creamy leave-in conditioner that smells like a fresh mocha latte from Starbucks.
  • Herbal Tea: Seal & Soften | Sweet-smelling leave-in conditioner with an oilier consistency. Doesn't smell too "herbal" which I appreciate.

According to Janell Stephens, the collection can be use as a three-step LOC method (leave-in, oil, cream) or individually.

While I've used (and loved) several CRN products, I wanted to do my go-to twist-out style with the collection for those who have been curious about them. I'm hoping these come back and become permanent because I love the results...and I know I'll have some empty containers pretty soon. Check out my latest video incorporating the Leave-In Collection in my routine!

Did you get your hands on the limited edition Camille Rose Naturals Leave-In Collection? Tell me how you use them in your routine!