Jaleesa Charisse

VLOG #7 | Spring Break & Beautycon Dallas 2016!

I swore I wasn't going to attend Beautycon Dallas after hearing all of the negative feedback from last year, but this year actually turned out to be a beautylicious BLAST! From hanging out with some of the greatest in the YouTube beauty community to snagging tons of swag, I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my spring break.

Vlog #3 | Skipped Class, Huetiful Salon Opening & Dinner w/ Mariah

I was super swamped last weekend and was barely home to even edit last Sunday's vlog, so I combined TWO weeks worth of vlogage! Huetiful Salon is in Atlanta, Chicago, and (NOW) Dallas: http://www.huetifulsalon.com Check out Project Natural: http://www.projectnaptural.com Did you miss last week's vlog?

Vlog #2 | End of Winter Break, Mad at Bae, and Photoshoot Prep

The second vlog is finally up! I just switched editing software, so it's up a day late. Sorry! Next week, I should be back to the regular time.

**NEW** Weekly vlogs starting January 10th at 7PM CST (Same time every Sunday!)

VLOG #1 | Sonic Chat with Bae + Stranded in Dallas

Watch in HD** In my last update, I talked about wanting to consistently post weekly vlogs in 2016...so right after Christmas, I invested in another camera and started filming! This is my VERY first vlog, so I hope y'all enjoy and stay tuned for the next one. XO