Wakanda-Inspired Bantu Knot Style with Eden Body Works

Wakanda forever! Black Panther has definitely been such an inspirational film this year from the messaging to the intricate hairstyles. As a naturalista, bantu knots are not new to me at all, but I was so fascinated by Nakia's beautiful head of textured knots. I'm a twist-out queen, but wanted to try and share something different!

For this style, I used Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Natural Pudding Soufflé to achieve a perm rod set and bantu knots on blown out hair and the Edge Glaze to lay my edges.

I added embellishments at 12mm, but definitely could have used smaller ones -- however, I  decided to work with what I had. Enjoy!

6 Mistakes You Make When Washing Your Face

How can you possibly make mistakes in face washing for goodness sake? It should be pretty simple, right? Dunk your face in a sink full of water, work up a little soap lather on a washcloth, scrub it on and then rinse it off. Ahhh, but it takes a little more care and thought; how you wash your face, when, how frequently, and what you use all make a difference.

With a little consideration of method and products, you can improve your skin health, curb acne breakouts, and reduce skin inflammation. To these ends, I will become the Queen of Clean for your enlightenment.

Wash your face before bed

Even if you don’t wear makeup you should always wash your face at night before turning in. All day natural oils and sweat collect on the skin as well as dirt and pollution from the environment. Leaving this accumulation of gunk on your skin at the end of the day can cause acne breakouts, skin irritation, and inflammation.

Don’t skip the morning cleanse, friends

Cleansing your skin before bed is fine, but another rinse in the morning is a good idea. Germs like to leap from your pillowcase to your face as you sleep so you should wash your pillowcases often. Even then, bacteria from your saliva and oils from your hair make their way to your fresh new pillowcase and then to your face and eyes. A quick rinse in the morning will freshen your skin and ensure that any other skincare products you apply have the best possible base.

Keep the water temperature low

Hot water may feel good in the shower especially just after a muscle numbing workout, but it could also be causing damage to your skin. High water temperatures can cause dilation of blood vessels and the possible breakage of delicate tissue as well as strip the skin of its natural oils. Your skin will more quickly dry out and become itchy and flaky, so use lukewarm water to cleanse your face instead of hot.

Don’t use only a makeup wipe to clean your face

A makeup wipe or cleansing cloth is not good enough to deeply clean your face. They remove makeup and surface dirt but also leave behind a residue. If you do use them, rinse away the residue and then use a gentle cleanser for a deeper clean. Wet your face with lukewarm water and apply cleanser using your fingertips in a circular motion for 20 to 30 seconds, then rinse and softly pat dry with a clean towel.

Use the correct cleanser for your skin

That new cleanser on the market that your co-workers and crafting pals keep raving about might not be the best for you. Skincare companies create different product lines for different skin types for good reason.

  • Normal skin has an even skin tone and a soft texture with no blemishes, red or flaky patches, and the skin surface is neither dry nor greasy. Look for a simple cleanser that doesn’t go too heavy on the exfoliants or the moisturizers. Find a solution here for normal skin.

  • Dry skin has a dull skin tone and looks rough, flaky, and is often itchy. If your skin is on the dry or sensitive side, choose creams and lotions that are designed to hydrate while cleansing gently. Find a solution here for dry skin.

  • Oily skin appears shiny, often showing blackheads and pimples and is more prone to acne. Gentle foams and gels will be the best choices to cleanse an oilier complexion without leaving the skin totally stripped. Find a solution here for acne-prone skin.

Moisturize right after you clean

Studies have shown that applying moisturizer while the skin is still damp after cleansing will help to lock in that hydration. Waiting even a few minutes will allow the surface cells to dehydrate and they will become more resistant to retaining moisture. As an added note, even if your moisturizer does have an SPF factor, apply a sunscreen on top to ensure adequate protection for your skin.

So, how did the Queen of Clean do? Are you now enlightened and glowing in the knowledge of correct washing procedure? In all seriousness, if you follow these tips and use the links shown above for more information, you will have beautiful skin, glowing with health.

This guest post is sponsored and written by FacingAcne.com

REVIEW | Camille Rose Leave-In Collection on 4C Stretched Twistout [Updated 2018]

A few years ago, I did a review of the Camille Rose Naturals Leave-In Collection and I loved it! Since it's been so long, I decided to post an updated video and blog post talking about my experience using the collection over the years and some new uses I've found for each of the leave-in conditioners.

Watch my stretched twistout method using the Grace Eleyae satin-lined cap:

Let's talk about the triple threat...

The Leave-In Collection features three leave-in conditioners: Honey, Latte and Herbal Tea. I've heard from many other naturalistas that they're not quite sure how to use the products and there isn't , but there's such a freedom to use the products however you'd like. 

I like to use all three as a LOC (or LCO method), so I use Honey to hydrate after I get out of the shower, Latte to define my texture before styling and then Herbal Tea as an oil to seal. 

Here are the details about each leave-in conditioner:

 Photo by @JaleesaCharisse

Photo by @JaleesaCharisse

Honey | This one is fairly thick, but blended with several oils. Some people say it's too thick and sticky for them, but if you have kinky/coily hair like mine, then it's like food for the coils. The consistency is just like honey and I LOVE honey as an ingredient in beauty products! Personally, it's my favorite of the trio because of this. While I feel like it deeply conditions my hair when I let my twistout form overnight, I also think Honey could also use this as a rinse-out hair treatment during the washing process.

Latte | As more of a lotion-like consistency, I've actually heard a few people say that they've use this one as a lotion on their skin in addition to using as a defining leave-in conditioner. Latte isn't really my favorite to use alone, but when I do use it I like to pair with the Honey leave-in (hydrating) or Almond Jai Twisting Butter (super defining). Some can use this alone to define their hair, but it doesn't work that way for me -- I need at least one other defining product.

Herbal Tea | There are so many uses for Herbal Tea because it has an oil-like consistency. I've used this leave-in conditioner in the following ways:

  • To massage my scalp occasionally
  • As the "oil" step in the LOC method
  • To coat my fingertips before manipulating my hair in the morning (ex. unraveling twists)
  • A few drops in the bathtub with The Body Collection for a soak
  • All over my body after a nice shower or bath

Because the collection is so coveted, you may not be able to find all of the blends to purchase at once since they're sold separately now on Camille Rose's website, in select Target stores and Target'e site. It's great to the entire Leave-In Collection, but I think it's important to think about your own hair and what types of consistencies work best for you. My 4C hair drinks these products up, but you may feel that you need less or a different combination. Want to try out some of the Camille Rose blends I mentioned? 

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Patrick Starrr x MAC Cosmetics Me So Fleek Full Face Kit | REVIEW

The weather is at a perfect 75 degrees, flowers are blooming and the new Patrick Starrr spring full face kits are now available at MAC Cosmetics. Early last month, I received the Me So Fleek kit and fell in love with the shades especially for deep skin. Beautiful pops of blues and pinks always get me going!

Take a peek at the Me So Fleek kit:

Shop the Look:

Products received courtesy of MAC Cosmetics. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss Try-On & Review | Full Collection

Last month, I received the full shade range of the Urban Decay's Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss collection and immediately filmed a try-on video for my YouTube channel. As much as I love a powerful lipstick, some days lipgloss is the easier and more comfortable option. 

UD HiFi-100.jpg

First, watch the full try-on:

Now let's get into the details...

The Shades

The Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss range has 20 glosses to fit any mood, personality or occasion. I think there's a perfect gloss for everyone! Hi-Fi Shine comes in a handful of textures such as cream, metallic, holographic, and sheer cream color. If you look at the shade names, you might even notice that several were created after a VICE Lipstick shade, so you can even play with two formulas and textures.

UD HiFi-102.jpg

Formula and Consistency

This formula contains peppermint oil and Vitamin E which are super softening and hydrating for the lips with a plumping effect and vanilla-mint flavor. If you suffer from dry and/or cracked lips, then this will be a non-sticky and nourishing formula for you. I hate when lipglosses are so tacky that everything gets stuck on them. It's very annoying, but I can say that I didn't experience that with any of these. It helps to have lip products that help rather than create more issues.

Color Payoff

Depending on the shade, I either got tons of color or not very much -- mainly the lipglosses that matched my skin tone did not provide me with much "color" and were barely noticeable. Let's break it down by texture/effect:

  • Cream (9 shades): the most color payoff. I was able to wear these completely alone. 
  • Sheer Cream (3 shades): quite a bit of color payoff, but sheer. Can be added to lipstick as a complementary gloss or alone for subtle everyday wear.
  • Metallized (4 shades): lots of shimmer and shine plus some color. Can be worn alone or as a lipstick topper.
  • Holographic (4 shades): very soft color payoff with a holographic effect. Great to add texture to your favorite lipsticks.


I didn't experience this gloss lasting any longer than a typical gloss would. I've worn 1993 the most because I love the shade in the VICE Lipstick formula and managed to carry it with me in my purse during the day for reapplication. Most days, I would re-apply one time during the day. The longevity of this gloss also probably depends on your lifestyle -- I love to eat and drink (A LOT), so I did notice that the color and/or glitter somewhat stayed in place while the gloss part wore away a little bit. The good thing is that it won't be completely gone in just a few hours!

Shop all of the shades: