GLOW Skincare Series | Best Exfoliators of 2017

Best Treatment | Kate Somerville

I tried Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment a few years ago after attending the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show and it was such a fabulous addition to my routine. I never got to try the cleansers or anything, but this one was a gem. Like many of my favorite skincare products, this exfoliator consists of clinical strength and natural ingredients. Papaya, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes are key ingredients that help enhance exfoliation, but I know it's the cinnamomum cassia leaf oil that captured my heart. The scent is wonderful (I'm big on scents)! Aside from that, it is not an abrasive exfoliator -- it's actually gentle and gets the job done.

Best Exfoliating Textile | Muslin Cloth

The first time I used a muslin cloth in my skincare routine, it was with my EVE LOM Cleanser. EVE LOM actually sells muslin cloths to repurchase even after owning one of their products, but you can also get them on Amazon with multiple cloths. This textile is great for exfoliating the skin with a one-step cleanser before moving to the toner and moisturizer...and it's not rough on the skin.

Best Tool for Sensitive Skin | FOREO

I never got around to trying the Clarisonic that everyone raves about, but I did try the Clinique cleansing brush through Influenster. While the two may (or may not) be comparable, I found that it was just too much for my skin even with soft bristles. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to also try the FOREO. It's so much more gentle and my skin doesn't start to feel rubbed raw after use morning and night making it my recommendation for sensitive skin! The different colors are actually meant for different skin types. Here's an old YouTube I filmed about my FOREO. It's a SUPER throwback, so don't laugh! *covers eyes*

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