GLOW Skincare Series | Best Masks of 2017

Best After-Glow and Instagram Selfies | Peter Thomas Roth

Who doesn't like to glow? At first, I thought the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask was full of BS. Besides the high price of $80, I'm kind of sad that it took me so long to try it. I a college kid, I didn't have the money to spend on such an expensive mask when it first came out. Thank God for the beautiful souls at QVC coming through with the sets and easy pays though. At this point, I've now tried three of the other products from this collection -- some I love, some not so much. The gel eye patches and sheet mask were just "bleh"...but the regular mask? OMG. I love the glow I have after I use it because of the real shimmers of 24 karat and colloidal gold blended into the formula. It's also cute for cute Instagram selfies, of course.

$56-80 | Available at and QVC (smaller size as well), Sephora, Ulta and DERMSTORE

Best Fresh Mask Collection | The Body Shop

While LUSH Cosmetics is one of my absolute favorite brands, right now The Body Shop has been my go-to collection of "fresh" face masks. These masks are sold individually, but I received them from The Body Shop as a PR gift. However, they're collectively amazing. They're not exactly as fresh as LUSH because they have a much longer shelf-life, but they each have a set of benefits for the skin and I can actually use ALL of them without running into nut allergy problems. I have found my favorites at LUSH, but if I want to use one of their masks that I haven't tried, then I must read the ingredients super closely as it may contain ground almonds or something...and that's just asking for trouble. Been there, done that. I always find myself reaching for. Read my full review of The Body Shop face mask collection.

$28 each | Available at The Body Shop (online and in stores) and Ulta in British Rose, Himalayan Charcoal, Ethiopian Honey, Chinese Ginseng & Rice, and Amazonian Açaí

Best for Banishing Breakouts ASAP | Glossier

Whenever I'm having a messy breakout that needs banishing like...yesterday, I turn to Glossier's Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. It's the detox mask of my life, y'all. I bought it during a Black Friday sale after wanting to try their products for a long time and fell in love with it. This is NOT a mask that I use all the time -- I use it sparingly. I only grab for it like medicine...when I absolutely need it. Times that call for this mask are: hormonal breakouts before my cycle (or other causes) and when the oil from my fro causes me to breakout on my forehead. Balancing, purifying, refining, nourishing...this mask does it ALL. Key ingredients in the formula are: leafy greens, a superfruit antioxidant blend, orange peel oil, white kaolin clay, and hydrating/moisturizing avocado oil and aloe. This should for sure be in your PMS care kit along with the chocolate, salty snacks, and Netflix subscription. No shame, girl.

$22 | Available at

Best Hydrating Sheet Mask | Farmacy

Once upon a time, I used to be really into sheet masks. In the last year, I've drifted away from using them and have moved on to mud masks -- I'm obsessed. They allow me to still move around and multi-task. Every blue moon, I'll pull out a sheet mask and just chill. A few months ago, I used one of the Farmacy Coconut Gel Hydrating Masks for firming. Farmacy was one of those brands I noticed at Sephora, but followed through with purchasing because even though I'm a beauty blogger, I do have a budget! I promise it exists. Maybe I've been out of the sheet mask game for too long, but I was intrigued with the gel concept. I loved that it clung to my skin and I could kind of be active while I waited. I leave them on for about 20 minutes (or 30 if I doze off) and remove the mask before pressing the remaining formula into my skin and neck. Definitely hydrating!

$24 for 3-pack | Available at and Sephora (online and in stores). Also available in assorted packs.

Best for Baby Soft Skin | Charlotte Tilbury

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to a media/influencer event at Nordstrom to sit down with the Charlotte Tilbury to view and swatch products when they made their debut in the stores. She was the absolute sweetest and actually acknowledged African-American skin which made me fall in love with the beauty of her brand. We took home several products from her line, but the one skincare product that I swear by is the Goddess Skin Clay Mask. My mom and I actually took turns with it until we emptied the tube -- it is THE BEST if you want to achieve tightened pores and baby soft skin that will likely make you mistaken yourself for a newborn. Just kidding...but really, it is a stellar, light fragrant face mask that's worth the price. 

$55 | Available on Charlotte Tilbury's website and Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Bergdorf Goodman

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