GLOW Skincare Series | Best Toners of 2017

Best for Adolescent Skin & Newbies | LUSH Cosmetics

I adore how calming tea tree water is and I've noticed how young some of my readers/followers are. My sister just hit adolescence a few years ago and I even recommend this toner for her as well! Lush's Tea Tree Water was actually one of the very first toners I used besides the super medicated one in the Proactiv kits back in the day. I've mostly veered away from this one just because I've run into other toners I like, but always recommend it to friends and family. A small bottle is fairly inexpensive and if you're not into skincare yet or don't have a toner in your routine, it's a wonderful product to start with.

$10.95-22.95 | Available at LUSH (online and in stores).

Best Inexpensive Drugstore Witch Hazel | Thayers

Skincare can be costly especially if you're building your routine with prestige brands. If you want an effective witch hazel toner that can be easily purchased at your nearest drugstore or grocery store, try Thayers Alcohol-Free Original Witch Hazel Astringent. Firstly, certain alcohols are extremely drying on the skin and this one is totally alcohol-free. Secondly, you won't have to worry about breaking the bank. Thirdly, it's ideal for sensitive skin and contains soothing aloe vera. It's a win!

$11 | Available at and Target & Walgreens.

Best Splurge & For Dry Skin | Fresh

It took a lot of reading for me to decide if I truly wanted to splurge on the Fresh Deep Hydration Facial Toner, but it looked so appealing and I had a 15% off friends and family promotion (perks of signing up for Fresh Rewards). Because $44 is a lot to spend on a product if you're not 100% sure...but I decided to take one for the team and review it. I'm glad I did. This toner is a bit different from other toners I've used and it's evident in the ingredients list. It contains more than a usual toner -- hydrogenated castor oil and rose fruit extracts. So many tend to stay way from castor oil because it's a heavier oil, but the benefits are golden and formulas that contain it aren't even heavy most of the time. Plus, this toner is infused with real rose it's definitely worth the money. I recommend it for anyone who has dry skin and needs extra hydration. Read my full review.

$44 | Available at Fresh (online + in stores), Nordstrom, Sephora and Neiman Marcus.

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