Tips for Flawless 4-Type Natural Hair with Cantu Beauty

I very rarely get on the blog or social media when my hair desperately needs to be styled. Weirdly, it's when I get the most compliments! 

Early last month, I used some new and old favorites from Cantu Beauty to achieve my go-to twist-out style and the results were gorgeous. I thought I'd show you all a true before and after so you can see how my hair transforms, and share a few tips on flawless curls for 4-type coils. So many women ask me what I do to my hair, but I'm a fairly routine naturalista. The style remains the same, but when I use different brands, the curls have a flair that is unique to the products I'm using. It's a beautiful thing, really!

The key to achieving flawless curls and coils is understanding your hair and what products it reacts the best to. Lately, dozens of fellow 4-type naturalistas have messaged and emailed me asking me for tips, so I wanted to share some of my best tips with Cantu Beauty.

Top Twist-out Tips for Coily Hair:

  • Detangle! Cantu Beauty has a great Coil Calm Detangler that you can use prior to washing or before styling. Spritz 3 times on small to medium sections and gently work through those coils with a detangling brush.
  • Get product recommendations from those with similar hair types. In the age of YouTube and Instagram, it's easy to get caught up in what's considered "attractive". Let's face it -- coily girls are not the beauty standard for most. What works for your favorite loose curled YouTuber may not necessarily work for you.
  • The thicker, the better. For many of us, watery products are not our best friend. They often come with tons of "frizz baggage". Creams, butters, and thick gels will help you prosper! You can even use two of your favorite styling products to create a custom cocktail. I applied the Cantu Beauty Coconut Curling Cream to each detangled section and added a tiny dollop of the Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel for pre-twist definition and hold.
  • Smaller sections for enhanced coils. You don't want to completely disrupt your coils, so be sure to twist smaller sections of hair. When you unravel, you'll have a head full of super defined curls and coils that just might have your friends mistaken your hair for a wig! 

Products used + Steps to achieve this style:

  1. Complete Conditioning Co-Wash: Use in the shower in-between weeks that you shampoo to remove build-up.
  2. Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream: Apply a dollop to your hair depending on thickness and distribute with fingers.
  3. Coil Calm Detangler: Spritz on each section of your hair after applying leave-in and work through with a detangling brush.
  4. Coconut Curing Cream: Apply to each section before two-strand twisting.
  5. Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel: Cocktail with the Coconut Curling Cream for extra hold and definition.



See the results? Elongation, definition, and plenty of shine! You can achieve this look by following my tips and using these five Cantu Beauty products.