6 Tips for Choosing & Making The Most of Your Deep Conditioning Treatment

Unless I’m in a serious hurry, I deep condition every single wash day. It’s my time to treat my hair and I love how it feels when I rinse it out under cool water from the shower head. If you’re struggling to find the perfect deep conditioner or simply don’t feel like your hair is benefitting from them, peep my seven tips for choosing the right treatment and making the most of it.

Evaluate Your Hair & Identify Concerns

When I first began my naturally curly journey, I’m pretty sure I tried dozens of “holy grail” deep conditioners that other naturals swore by. I’ve you’ve ever browsed the aisle of natural hair products at the store, then you are very aware of how much deep conditioners and treatments can cost. They ain’t cheap, sis!

Before purchasing just any ol’ deep conditioner, I think it’s important to evaluate your hair, identify any concerns and consider those pieces of information. That will help you figure what type of deep conditioner your hair needs as well as looking for ingredients that will benefit you properly. Skip dumping your hard earned coins on deep conditioners that are Insta-popular, especially if they won’t benefit your hair.

Choose The Best Deep For Your Hair

Is your hair in need of special treatment? Here are three that I rotate depending on what’s best for me:

Camille Rose Around The World Treatments.jpg


If your hair is lacking strength or dealing with shedding/breakage, try a protein treatment to make your strands stronger! I think when some naturals hear “protein”, it can be a bit scary because most of us have heard what can happen when your hair gets too much protein (the hair can get hard)…but I’m here to say that there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

Also keep in mind that there are different strengths and types of protein treatments out there, so read the directions before use and do your research. I typically do a protein treatment every 4-6 weeks in between my regular deeps.


Once upon a time, Queen Helene cholesterol treatments were the thing! As a matter of fact, we still have some in my house and many naturals still do them as well as professional stylists. This has become my favorite to use after heat styling my hair which I don’t do all the time, but I could always use a boost after taking on a flat iron since the hair can become a little limp and lifeless even with heat protection.


Major dryness is a problem that I personally experience when the temperature or weather is extreme — winter is a dry cold and summer is humid in Texas, but the sun will quickly suck up all of the moisture! Specifically during these times, I try to hydrate and moisturize as well as possible in my deep treatments aside from eating well and drinking lots of water.

Feed Your Strands The Best

I adore ingredients in all of my products, but I love when my hair can spend 20-40 intimate minutes with them in a treatment. That’s like heaven for my hair! I believe that selecting products in general with great ingredients and feeding my hair is equivalent to feeding my body. Any fresh, healthy ingredient that I would eat is generally going to give my coils some type of boost. Avocados give shine and is a protein, honey is hydrating and great for winter dryness, coconut water is also hydrating and can quench those curls during extreme summer months…the list just goes on and on.

Apply It Generously

I don’t know about you, but I’m hella heavy-handed when it comes to conditioners! My shampoos and cleansers can last for months, but I’ll quickly clean out a conditioner or deep conditioner that I love. At the end of the day, it’s meant to be used and it’s going to be rinsed out.

Your hair can’t really benefit as much with sparse application. If you’re not applying enough deep conditioner, go ahead and get generous so you can really take in everything it has to offer you.

Be Patient & Don’t Rush The Process

Rinsing your deep conditioner in five minutes will not give you the full benefits, so be patient and don’t rush the process. I know life is busy, but it’s for the best.

Allow your treatment to sit with a processing or thermal cap for approximately 20-40 minutes. You can still get things done if kicking back to relax isn’t your style. Answer emails, do laundry, wash dishes, tidy up — multi-tasking is completely doable!

Get Hot and Steamy

One of my favorite ways to deep condition nowadays is with my Red by Kiss Pro 2-in-1 Steamer. Very rarely do I think to use it for face steams, but that function is available, too. There are salons where you can pay to have your hair steamed, but I prefer to do it in the comfort of my own home. Plus, I don’t go to a natural hairstylist. I only sit under the steamer with my hair uncovered for about 20 minutes.

There are also thermal caps for deep conditioning that you can use if you don’t want to sit under a steamer, but would still like to use heat. I even steam my regular “daily” conditioners for a few minutes while I finish up my shower before finally rinsing with cool water.

What are your tricks for making sure you get the maximum benefits from your deep conditioners?