On The Radar | 7 Indie Beauty Brands Currently On My List [Edition 5.14.19]

Indie Beauty Expo is landing in Dallas in just less than two days and it’s been marked on my calendar literally for months! I love and appreciate this particular show because it highlights indie beauty brands, and I know that I will learn something new without a doubt. To celebrate this year’s Dallas expo, I wanted to share seven indie beauty brands that are currently on my radar and will be exhibiting. If you’re headed to the show, you should definitely add these to your list to check out!


I actually stumbled upon Asutra while browsing on Amazon for a bath soak to soothe stress and aches/pain. While I have not yet their bath salts have been on my list ever since. Empowering active self care, Asutra has over fifty organic and natural wellness products from skincare to aromatherapy made with plants, essential oils and minerals. The brand prides itself in being woman-owned and led, and its products are safe for the entire family. My greatest issue with body products, especially bar soaps, is that most dry out my skin and make me feel terrible with itchiness, but I’m interested in this particular brand because they’re free of all the nasties and I like what I see in the ingredients lists.

On My List: Bubbly ever after Sensitive Skin Bar Soap, Soak the day away Detox & Slim Down and Muscle & Joint Relief Dead Sea Bath Salts

Flaunt Body

flaunt body ingrown treatment mask.png

Face masks are certainly my jam, but I never thought about a bikini mask! Flaunt Body announced recently on Instagram that May 15th, also the consumer day of Indie Beauty Expo Dallas, would be their official launch date. Flaunt is proudly a gender neutral personal grooming brand for intimate skin. I’ve been testing quite a bit in the intimate skin space and I’m excited to see more brands emerging — I think the topic goes highly avoided although the education surrounding it is extremely important for women and men.

The brand is introducing a very unique ingrown treatment mask crafted and shaped especially to fit the bikini area. Doused in a soothing serum enriched with aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile, glycolic acid and the natural extract of Centella Asiatica in a bio-cellulose mask, this treatment is intended to combat: razor bumps, ingrown hair, dry skin, dullness and irritated skin. If you’ve ever shaved or waxed, you have probably run into these issues before! I’m interested in trying this out and seeing what innovative products the brand comes out with next.

On My List: Flaunt Body Ingrown Single Treatment Mask


I love to support holistic beauty brands that are based and made in Colorado. If you’ve followed me for awhile, then you know that one of my favorite places I frequent is Denver. As a matter of fact, bringing back “ingredients” for my bath rituals is always apart of my trips.

MoonBath_0220 copy 2.jpg

Moonbath is a woman-owned brand that totally embodies the art of bath rituals to enhance the connection to the energy of the moon, and I’m so ready to see what they’ve got at Indie Beauty Expo! I know not everyone is into the energies of the lunar cycle or otherwise, but I believe they’re very real. With five Botanical Bath Tea blends, there is one dedicated to each of the lunar phases (new, waxing, full and waning moon) including Nasty Woman which donates $2 to Planned Parenthood and is recommended anytime you’re having a powerful Bey or Rih day.

On My List: Nasty Woman Botanical Bath Tea and Milk & Honey Infused Sundance Sea Salt

Rosebud Woman

rosebud woman intimate skincare.JPG

As I mentioned, I’m very into trying intimate skincare and Rosebud Woman covers every cycle — literally. While browsing their site, I noticed that each formula can be used in many different intimate areas no matter what journey you are on in life. From lifecycle to seasonal cycle, Rosebud has considered each cycle in a woman’s life. You don’t have to discontinue use and I think that’s amazing!

Each formula is also extremely packed with several botanical, plant-derived ingredients such as ginger, rosemary, Brazilian ginseng, perfoliate honeysuckle, witch hazel and so many more.

Although this isn’t for shaving, I do use my Lady Suite Botanical Oil all the time — simply to soothe my skin, in my face routine and after shaving with my favorite cream. I appreciate when products are multi-purpose like these and can be easily incorporated into your everyday life, so I look forward to seeing what Rosebud Woman is all about.

On My List: The Invitation Book, Arouse and Honor

ViA forever young pool outside.jpg


The first time my eyes zoomed in on a VitaJuwel gem water bottle was on a trip to Denver when we visited the 5 Star Salt Caves Wellness Center. It’s been on my list of things to try ever since! VitaJuwel offers several ways to experience vitalizing water with gemstones. The ViA gem water bottle is their best-selling and original product that can be carried when you’re on-the-go.

The prices range from $78 to $330 but there are many just under $100 — the best part is that they’ll last as long as you can take care of them. Also, each bottle is unique with its own blend of gems that have different healing energies and attractions. If you’re familiar with gemstones and their meanings, this may make it simpler to choose the best bottle for you. If not, the brand breaks it all down in the name of each bottle and in the descriptions. Aside from the range on the brand’s website, you can also find the gem water bottles from VitaJuwel at retailers such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus who are currently very on top of the indie beauty trends. Here’s a little more about gem water and why this is such an excellent, safe product to invest in:

sanara yerba mate bath soak.jpg

Pure ingredients is what drew me to Sanara. Any product that uses extracts and oils from fruits, vegetables and plants that can also be ingested piques my interest. Another super interesting thing about this particular brand is that they are currently reformulating all of their products and the ingredients will pay homage to the founder, Rebekah’s, Latin roots celebrating indigenous Latin American botanicals. In my opinion, that is extremely exciting and I love to see that type of authentic representation in the beauty space in general. One of the newest formulas, their Yerba Maté Bath Soak will be introduced at Indie Beauty Expo (sneak peek in the photo to the left) and I can’t wait to check it out because I enjoy a solid soak.

Sanara’s current range includes: Açai Age Defense Moisturizer, Açai Berry Face Polish (with Rosehip Seed Oil), Açai Berry Body Polish (with Seabuckthorn Oil), Açai Berry Body Butter (with Argan & Perilla Seed Oil), Purple Brazilian Facial Soap and Activated Charcoal Facial Soap.

The new additions are mentioned to include: Bamboo Fiber with Mango Seed Body Polish, Cupuacu Seed Body Butter, Chilean Rosehip Seed Body & Massage Oil and the aforementioned Yerba Maté Bath Soak.

On My List: Açai Berry Body Butter with Argan & Perilla Seed Oil and Yerba Maté Bath Soak

Sanara complete product line.jpg

The Good Patch

This brand isn’t new to me — I’ve peeped it before at stores like Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, but I’ve just never picked them up! There’s no doubt that CBD is extremely hot right now in the world of beauty as it’s been proven to help with a multitude of concerns. I think it’s interesting that these offer benefits to help with sleep, PMS symptoms, aches and hangovers in the form of…well, a patch! Each pack comes with one patch and includes 15mg of premium hemp extract along with a few other ingredients to help target its intended issue that should be worn for up to 12 hours in a veinous area. For instance, the PMS patch also contains black cohosh and menthol to combat cramps as well as the 15mg of premium hemp extract.

The number one question people have when dealing with CBD is: Will I get high?

NOPE! The Good Patch uses CBD that contains less than .03% THC meaning that there are NO psychoactive effects. If you’re still hesitant, the brand also has non-hemp options available as well and the packs contain between 4-8 patches. My favorite part is that these patches are super discreet.

On My List: Nite Nite, Period and Be Calm Hemp-Infused Patches

If you’re considering attending Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas this week, be sure to cop a ticket using my code for 20% off with JALEESA20!