7th Annual Ogle School Face Off 2016 | Recap

Controlled Creative Chaos

In my opinion, if it's not chaotic, you're not being creative enough. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend their 7th Annual Face Off at Gilley's in Dallas. I never knew that the event even existed, but I was invited by Ogle School since I'm in Ambassador and I create content for their blog each month. 

When I arrived, I was given a tour with some of the other bloggers and guests, and given a complete behind-the-scenes peek at this beautiful "controlled chaos". Makeup artists and hairstyles who were current students and alumnae of Ogle School campuses across the state were competing. It was amazing seeing them in action perfecting their looks on dozens of models that would walk down the runway that evening to bring these creations to life.

The models were gorgeously dressed to the nines in garments borrowed from Runway Dallas. As a merchandising graduate, I absolutely loved being able to see the details of the garments up close and personal. Some models were meditating and praying for the big show while others took selfies and updated social media. Every talent has their own special way of preparing for a big show!

Pre-Show Hospitality

After enjoying refreshments in our reserved green room, we headed out to the main area where the show would be held to mix and mingle in the VIP section. Sound techs were making sure everything was in perfect condition for the start of the Face Off and the competing Ogle campuses were getting pumped by the Spirit Teams carrying large #OGLEFACEOFF2016 signs to promote the hashtag of the evening. Even the pre-show was high energy! They really knew how to turn up.

We were given gift bags by the event sponsor, WELLA, and learned that the students were only allowed to use their products for the Face Off. I was both shocked and impressed! Tables in the VIP section were candle lit and topped with Dermalogica sample products and pamphlets for guests to take home. VIP guests enjoyed an open bar with über delicious cocktails during the event, too. You can actually get a little glimpse of the one I had in the photo above. *wink*

The Show

The show started and it was high energy all the way to the very last second. Our hosts came out singing and dancing to Queen Bey's Formation and Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk. I was so impressed with the work of the makeup artists and hair stylists. Everything from the beauty to the outfits to the models were perfect. 

There were two parts to the show which I thought was so great. First, we saw looks inspired by fall and winter, so they were darker and edgier. Then, spring which was lighter, softer, and more feminine. 

Towards the end, we made our way to our green room to watch the last of the show and awards. Not only did the winners of the competition hold new titles and represent their school, but they also went home with a check and other huge opportunities through Ogle School. This is an awesome title for the young creatives to add to their resumes and potential/aspiring students who were in attendance to see how far they can go with their program.

I'm so happy that I was invited to attend this year's Face Off! As a creative, I can fully appreciate and support the work of other creatives. I hope I can attend again next year! 💛

Be sure to visit OgleSchool.edu to learn more about their programs and visit their blog! 

I was invited to this event by Ogle School as one of their Beauty Ambassadors. This post is sponsored by Ogle School, but my own thoughts on the experience.