Aveda Tulasara Review | Wedding Masque & Oleation Oil

Last month, I attended the new Aveda Experience Center's grand opening at NorthPark Center. There were Nespresso samples, a live DJ, shoulder and neck massages, and applications for the new Tulasāra Wedding Masques.

The Tulasara Wedding Masques are not what you think -- they're more like overnight cream moisturizers, but they're so relaxing. Last week, Aveda sent full sizes of the Wedding Masques (for face and eye) for me to try out at home. I adore nighttime skincare because there really is a visible difference in your skin when you wake up -- it's like magic to me. I've taken the time to use the Wedding Masque for a second time with my normal nighttime routine also incorporating the Radiant Oleation Oil that I took home after my December visit (read the post here), so I wanted to share my thoughts on these three products!

Tulasāra Wedding Masque for face and eye & Radiant Oleation Oil

Tulasāra Wedding Masque for face and eye & Radiant Oleation Oil

Tulasara Radiant Oleation Oil

This oil is like most cleansing oils to me -- it's great for breaking down makeup (if you're wearing any), dirt, and other impurities. However, Aveda's purpose for the Radiant Oleation OIl is to use prior to cleansing. Depending on the type of day I'm having, I like to remove my makeup with remover wipes first and then massage the oil on my face for a few minutes. I'm not big on floral scents, but the aroma of rose, jasmine, geranium, and others are quite calming after a long day. I follow with whatever my favorite cleanser and toner are at the time.

If the price is out of your range, you could certainly get away with using a single, less expensive natural oil...but the blend of certified organic sesame, sunflower and jojoba seed oils, combined with rose hip, apricot kernel and sweet almond oils is worth the money. | $49 USD at Aveda and Nordstrom

Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye

I have crazy allergies, so the Wedding Eye Masque was golden for me. I love a good eye cream that will keep the skin around my eyes moisturized daily. Unlike the other products in the Tulasara collection, it is fragrance-free as it absolutely should be. The cream is thicker, but a little bit really does go a long way. I am also able to wear it under eye makeup without my eyeshadow breaking down or getting oily. 

The masque also contains turmeric which is pretty popular in skincare right now. If you're not familiar with turmeric, it helps brighten and even the overall skin tone. Say goodbye to dark circles around the eyes! I don't have any super dark circles, but I love eye creams that brighten so I don't need to use as much concealer when I'm applying a full face or even no makeup at all. | $55 USD at Aveda and Nordstrom

Tulasara Wedding Masque

After gently patting the eye masque around my entire eye, I move on to the overnight face masque (a cream moisturizer). I pressed, rather than rubbed, the masque all over my face. Also  with this, you don't need a lot at all! It's has a much creamier consistency than the eye masque and is simple to distribute. You might be able to get an idea of the thickness based on the photo below.

Like the eye masque, the overnight face masque also contains turmeric for evening the skin tone, and plant stem cells (587,000 in each jar) and apricot seed oil to repair the skin overnight. The aroma is fairly strong here, so you're applying this close to bedtime the scent could make you sleepy. Honestly, I don't even remember falling asleep after my skincare routine and retiring for the evening to watch Netflix! If you have trouble sleeping or like aromatherapy at night, this is fantastic. I woke up with a natural glow and didn't have to worry about washing anything off. I just went along with my usual morning skincare routine! | $65 at Aveda and Nordstrom