Benefit Brow Wax Experience | Ulta Beauty in Frisco

When I walked into the new Ulta Beauty in Frisco yesterday afternoon, I was greeted my several beautiful smiling faces and grand opening sale signs. Seriously, I thought maybe I'd reached the gates of Heaven. The store was perfectly merchandised and stocked with the latest of all things beauty.

Soon after introducing myself for my appointment, I was greeted by the manager and given a quick run-down of the store. Of course, I've been in many Ulta Beauty locations, but this one was huge and had every brand stocked that you could a few new ones I'd never seen before!

Array of Benefit products stocked at Ulta Beauty in Frisco, TX.

Sit down and relax at a Benefit service station while the pros beautify you.

Sit down and relax at a Benefit service station while the pros beautify you.

Ulta Beauty was so nice to invite me to check out the new store. Everyone was super hospitable and personable which I really, really appreciated. I chose to try Benefit's brow wax. It's been awhile since I've let anyone touch my eyebrows, so this was a first in a very long time! 

Benefit brow products that are used during the services offered.

If you've ever been to a full Benefit store (there's one in Dallas), the stations look just like these, so you get the same feel. Isn't the vintage mannequin head such a cute touch? 😘

My blogger friend, Stephanie Drenka, actually had her brow appointment right after mine! In the photo above, they're filling in her eyebrows before they wax the excess hair, or any hair outside of the lines. Our Benefit brow girl, Danielle, was amazing. Do y'all see her brows? So strong and ready for fall -- strong brows are in!

I liked that Benefit filled in the brows before waxing. It made me feel better knowing that there would be less room for error...because I think we've all encountered some type of hair traumarama. 

The store had a lot of things I'd never seen in an Ulta Beauty store before, too! 

  • Benefit gals can work on up to four clients at a time in their space. Honestly, I think it was one of the biggest and best.
  • There are Lancôme and Clinique counters at this Frisco location...which is pretty much unheard of. (Photos below)
  • NYX Cosmetics had a super cool end cap display JUST for brushes. If I've ever seen NYX brushes in an Ulta Beauty (which I don't think I have), they've never looked that fab! 😱
  • There's a FULL side of a gondola display with the full Anastasia Beverly Hills line -- liquid lippies, brow must-haves, and even a spot for the new Modern Renaissance palette 😍

All in all, the square footage at the new Frisco location is insane and big enough to house a larger assortment of products from a variety of brands that we all know and love. So if you're ever looking for new product when it launches, definitely keep this one on your radar! There are also several sweet grand opening deals that you can snag from now through this weekend.

I was invited to experience a complimentary salon service of my choice at this particular Ulta Beauty location. All opinions are my own.