Fall '14 Beauty Trend | Velvet Berry Lips


Until this year, berry has been my go-to color for a combination of red, pink, and purple. In other words, it's been my "safe" color. Although I've decided to step out of my comfort zone with lips this season, berry is still numero uno in my collection! There are so many brands that create products of the same color, but what really makes a difference are the formulas

One of the first colors I saw this past weekend was 'Sin' by MAC Cosmetics and it is absolutely gorgeous! It's definitely on my list of must-haves for this season to achieve that deep berry lip. I've tried MAC lipsticks before and I love them, so this Pro Longwear formula should be amazing!

Amongst the formulas I've actually tried are YSL's Rouge Pur Couture glossy stain and Gloss Volupte which are freaking amazing. For pricier products, they're most certainly worth it and I might even go out on a limb and say they're perfect. My mom is even so obsessed with the Gloss Volupte that she stocked up on it and has plenty of backups! The glosses are infused with oils so by the end of the day or even within a few hours your lips aren't gummy and still look just as fresh as the initial application. I have the Gloss Volupte in the gold top, so it's great by itself or over any color to add a swipe of golden sparkle -- perfect for a berry holiday look. When I first bought the Rouge Pur Couture stain in 'Fuchsia Cubiste', I was using it every single day and I still wear it often! 

For the past month, I've been dying to try the NARS Audacious lipstick and last weekend I finally bought it in in 'Vera' ('Charlotte' is pictured above) at The Makeup Show Dallas. I'd heard so much about the rich and creamy lipstick and it really hasn't disappointed me at all! Of all the lip colors I bought last weekend, it was the one I was most excited to try, so I saved it for last. The texture remained so creamy throughout the day!

Will you rock velvet berry lips this season? Which product do you have your eye on?

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