An Evening of Bubbly + Beauty | Blushington + Veuve Clicquot

It's the week before finals, so I had to get out and forget about the lengthy to-do list I'm slowly dwindling down to nothing. When I got the buzz about this event, RSVPing was an absolute no-brainer! I've actually wanted to try Veuve Clicquot (say it: Vuv Cleek-oh) for a while and Blushington has been on my list of Dallas beauty spots to check out. I love that Dallas has so many adorably designed beauty boutiques now! It's the little interior details that make me happy. No selfies this time, though! I actually showed up in no makeup at all and Blushington was offering light touch-ups for this I clearly wasn't prepared. However, the artists at Blushington do know what they're doing and work with some amazing, prestige makeup brands with hydrating formulas!

After makeup, I got to catch up with some of my favorite Dallas bloggers and try more Veuve and light bites! I did catch a little video of what the event looked like. Check it out here:

Blushington + Veuve Clicquot partnered to host this fabulous event in Dallas for light touch-ups and sipping champagne.