Living My #BestSelf | The Body Collection from Camille Rose Naturals

If you've ever tuned in to my Instagram stories, you know that baths are a huge part of my weekly routine. I've come to learn that a good soak in the bath tub with some of my favorite products is my "happy place". For several months, I've been using the Body Collection from Camille Rose Naturals and love it! The Cupuacu Sweet Cream is definitely a go-to for me and I receive tons of compliments when I wear it -- the scent is super sweet like a honeybun. It has truly helped me live my best self!

Here's the scoop and my thoughts on the collection:

Orange Honey Bath Elixir

This is a sweet bath elixir that can be used to whip up a soft layer of creamy bubbles under warm running water or directly on the body in the bath/shower. I love products with honey in them and this contains real organic honey. It's the perfect blend for my rose petal baths -- I drizzle about two solid dips with a honey dipper. I've even used it to shave in the shower as well as on my body prior to using the scrub!


Caramelized Cane and Sugar Balm

Exfoliating is such an important step for face and body -- skin in general, really. The granular particles of sugar help dive deep into the pores and remove any dead skin or dirt. This balm offers a gentle exfoliation and, of course, smells super sweet. It's pretty thick, but a little bit goes a pretty long way and leaves the skin moisturized after rinsing/wiping away.


Cupuacu Sweet Cream

Finally, once I'm out of the bath tub or shower, I finish with the Cupuacu Sweet Cream. This is my absolute favorite blend in the entire trio and I've carried it with me so many times in my purse, car, backpack, etc. Whenever I'm out with friends they ask about the scent, so I'm glad that everyone else thinks it smells amazing, too! I could totally use this is a larger size.


Watch my full bath routine:

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