Clarifying Cannabis Sativa in Beauty | Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Hemp is such a huge trend in beauty right now. Several products are popping up on the market, but not all oils are equal and it can be quite difficult to clarify them. Many beauty brands want a piece of this $1 billion pie, so they aren't all clear about their sources or ingredients. In fact, the dozens of articles that do exist can easily confuse someone who is new to the idea of hemp and CBD oils.

First, let's break down the basics:


Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is pressed from the seed of the cannabis sativa plant. If you're looking to get high by consumption, it's not going to happen! Hemp oil contains low levels of CBD which means that it is super low in cannabinoids. It contains no THC, so it is non-psychoactive. 

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the flower, leaves and stalk of the cannabis sativa plant. You still won't get high since this oil contains very little to no THC making it also non-psychoactive, but you will be able to experience the many medicinal, or therapeutic, benefits. CBD oil obviously contains higher levels of CBD (thus the name), so there are more cannabinoids.

There are 113 phytocannabinoid compounds in cannabis resulting in different forms of CBD oil, so this is where it can get a little tricky when attempting to choose products and differentiate. 

Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD

Isolate separates CBD from all other compounds in the cannabis sativa plant -- this is strictly CBD. Full spectrum can contain other cannabinoid compounds and may even have very small traces of THC. Depending on the benefits you are looking for, this is definitely something to pay attention to or ask about when doing your research and selecting specific products.

Uses & Benefits for Hemp Oil

While hemp seed oil or extract is used in several beauty products, it is greatly used for its nutritional benefits which makes it amazing for improving hair, skin and nails. 

  • Can help reduce inflammation
  • Grow stronger nails
  • Promote healthy and shiny hair
  • Helps alleviate skin conditions, like eczema
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles; great for anti-aging

Uses & Benefits for CBD Oil

CBD oil is quite frequently used in skincare and body products for its therapeutic benefits. Many of the benefits for hemp seed oil apply to CBD oil, but here are some additional benefits:

  • Might help reduce and relieve stress and anxiety
  • Encourages overall skin, hair and nail health
  • Might help improve heart health and other internal systems
  • Might help relieve pain

Disclaimer: This blog post and graphics created by me is meant to aid in your overall research on hemp oil, CBD oil and/or the cannabis sativa plant. I am not making any medical claims and encourage all readers to do proper research for themselves before using these products whether orally or topically.