Christian Louboutin Beauté | $50 Nail Polish?

I was scrolling through Twitter the other day when I came across Nordstrom's Vine account and saw this cute little snippet. I think my heart pretty much skipped a beat when I saw that Christian Louboutin would actually be releasing his first nail lacquer in less than two weeks! As soon as I read that it was available for pre-order, I immediately clicked my bookmarked Nordstrom tab and searched for it.

As I waited for the page to load, I quickly guess-timated how much the polish would cost. Maybe $30? $40? Nope. My eyes widened a bit when I saw the $50.00 pricing in the description. After I collected my thoughts and had a moment to think about it, I realized that the price really isn't that bad. I mean, it's Christian Louboutin -- a high-end shoe designer. It's just expected. I'm honestly surprised that it doesn't cost more! Beauty and accessory line prices of high-end designers usually reflect the brand, but are more affordable so people can own a piece from the designer.

The molded glass bottle is inspired by 18th century European architecture and the unique top inspired by the Ballerina Ultima heel, the tallest heel designed by Christian Louboutin, extends nearly eight inches. There's even a famous story behind the Rouge Louboutin lacquer. Once upon a time, Louboutin was unsatisfied with the original red soles in the sketches and grabbed an employee's red nail polish and illustrated the world reknown glossy red soles. Of course the packaging would be fabulous and meticulously designed, but what about the actual product?

I'll admit that the packaging is gorgeous and that's one of the reasons why I don't mind spending more for the polish. It'd be a great addition to my collection of designer pieces in my new apartment like an art piece.

I'm mostly excited about the triangle application brush. I've been extremely picky when it comes to nail polish brushes -- either they're too thin leaving a streaky finish or so wide that you end up with an unnecessary glob of lacquer on your nail. I've actually dreamt of a brush shaped like this one, so I really want to see if it will give a more flawless application. 

The lacquer is currently available at select retailers, but is currently available to pre-order at Nordstrom and will be available to purchase directly on August 14th. Christian Louboutin Beauté is said to be releasing 22 more shades in late August. 

Do you think Christian Louboutin nail polish is worth $50? I'll be pre-ordering and doing a full review soon after mine arrives!