Introducing Limited Edition Clive Christian '1872' Perfume | Madagascan Vetiver & Sicilian Mandarin

With the instruction of Siri, I drove my little red MINI Cooper up the drive of the Four Seasons in Las Colinas amazed by the beauty of the property. It was in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, so I'd beaten rush hour traffic by a long shot and the hotel was calm with an occasional bustle. I was escorted to the elevator and through the halls where I was greeted by the Clive Christian. Dressed in all black with a true British accent, he welcomed me and we took a seat in a small conversation area in the hallway. 

Now, I'll be completely honest -- I didn't know much about Clive Christian or his brand prior to our meeting, but being a blogger does not mean that I know everything. A large part of what I do is learning about new beauty products, trends, or techniques before they hit the mainstream and sharing them with you first!

About Clive Christian Perfume

British designer, Clive Christian, launched his luxury perfume brand in 1999 with three aromatic worlds:  1872, "X", and No.1 (which has earned the title of "The World's Most Expensive Perfume"). Even Guinness World Records made the title official in 2005, so it's not just self-proclaimed. At 30 ml (equivalent to 1 fl. oz.), No. 1 for men and women typically costs $2,355. In 2005, the 'No. 1 Imperial Majesty' 10-bottle limited edition was created costing $205,000 per 500 ml. 

In 2010, his Private Collection was launched beginning with a new perfume, "C", which was named after his own name. Soon after in 2012, "V" followed which was named after his daughter, Victoria. In 2014, Clive chose "L" from his name to signify love -- the invisible ingredient in every relationship.

4 Things Clive Christian Taught Me

During our conversation, a few things really stood out to me. Firstly, each of the perfumes are created in pairs -- they complement one another and can even be worn together as fragrances were created to attract. Secondly, there's a meaning behind each perfume from the names to the notes. This is so difficult to find nowadays with celebrities creating fragrances simply to put their name on the bottle and kickstart a new source of income. Thirdly, each perfume is like a musical composition. There are between 100-200 notes in each one and they play beautifully together after constant tweaking to achieve harmony. And lastly, I began to think about how the first Clive Christian perfumes were introduced in 1999. By this time there were already a few established designer classics in the industry, but the success Clive Christian has achieved as a brand is amazing. If you focus on and perfect what you do, it doesn't matter when you entered the game but how you play the game. In Clive Christian's case, it was all about quality ingredients and providing true luxury.

Introducing the New '1872': Vetiver & Mandarin 

Any perfume that's been out for 10 years or more is considered a classic. Fact.

Clive Christian's 1872 perfume is described as effortlessly elegant. When we were talking last week, he mentioned to me that the perfume sources Rose de Mai from Grasse, France which are so rare that they only bloom three weeks each year in May. My eyes widened quite a bit when he expressed that 170 roses were needed to create just one fine drop of oil! 

Madagascan Vetiver

If you prefer woody or spicier perfumes, Madagascan Vetiver is excellent for you. This twist on 1872 has a note of Vetiver from Madagascar. It's a warm scent that includes amber, freesia, petitgrain, and more. Still sweet with a world of power. Really, this scent can be worn by men or women, but it has the heart of 1872 for Men. 

Sicilian Mandarin

This one is absolutely my cup of tea! Sicilian Mandarin has the heart of 1872 for Women with bergamot and tangerine oils, and a base of woods and musks. If you love sweeter scents, then add this to your list. Most men probably won't want to wear this one since it is sweeter with floral notes, but it's a beautiful scent that I'll definitely find myself wearing often. It hasn't triggered my allergies either! 

Everything is a Pair | One for Him, One for Her

As I mentioned before, each of the perfumes is a pair. Each world has a perfume for men and a perfume for women, so they can be worn together. Have you ever worn your fine perfume on a date and your significant other was wearing something super sporty? It's not the best pair to take in all evening. I actually tried both perfumes by spraying each perfume on my wrists and broke the molecules by twisting them against one another...and it wasn't displeasing at all. Pure excellence, really.

These perfumes are limited edition (one of one thousand) and are available at Neiman Marcus retailing for $340 per 50ml bottle. 

You can find these Clive Christian 1872 perfumes at Neiman Marcus.

Learn more about Clive Christian on his website.