COCOTIQUE Unboxing | August 2016 Takeover

For most of us, August means back to the hustle and grind. Whatever reality you're returning to, new things are always apart of the equation -- new clothes, new makeup, new accessories. This month, I received my August COCOTIQUE box which happened to be a Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Takeover. Clearly, that means everything in the box is strictly from the brand, but the real surprise happened I received a much bigger box than usual. 

I opened it and pulled another box that made much more sense. When I used my scissors to cut the tape around the edges of the box, there was no branded COCOTIQUE box this time. Instead I found everything bundled together with a gold ribbon.

I was a little confused until I read the product card. "This takeover is so big, it didn't fit in our gift box!" -- there was my explanation. I love the cute little boxes, but I suddenly became super excited! 

After breaking the cute heart seal holding the gold tissue paper together, I found five full-size products. FIVE. FULL. SIZE. PRODUCTS. 😱

Three months in, I can tell that COCOTIQUE is a box that strives to not be predictable which I love. They mix up brands every month, pop in little surprises here and there, and there's a variety of product types included each time -- hair, skincare, and makeup. I've seen several beauty boxes become so predicable month after month. If you're like me, you'll appreciate this because I truly do love being introduced to products I wouldn't normally pick up. I my opinion, that's the whole point of a beauty box!

I've tried a few products from the Creme of Nature Argan Oil line, but didn't really like I'm interested in seeing how the Coconut Milk collection works for my hair.

Here's what's in the August Takeover box:

  • Creme of Nature Coconut Milk | Detangling and Conditioning Shampoo
  • Creme of Nature Coconut Milk | Detangling and Conditioning Conditioner
  • Creme of Nature Coconut Milk | Detangling and Conditioning Leave-In Conditioner 
  • Creme of Nature Acai Berry & Keratin | Strengthening Hair Masque
  • Jesse's Girl Mineralized Baked Eyeshadow | Ocean Breeze

I'm most interested in trying the Acai Berry & Keratin hair masque because I'm obsessed with masks whether they're for the hair or skin. My only hope is that the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in don't leave my hair feeling crappy or dry whenever I get to using them -- I have that problem a lot with my 4-type hair. Also, I find this mainly with brands that are not black-owned and never really catered to black natural hair, but decide to break into the community with new collections that are not truly natural (i.e. ingredients). It says "with certified natural ingredient" and with an asterisk beside it on the back, "coconut oil is a certified natural ingredient". I definitely like using products that are PUMPED with several natural ingredients...BUT we shall see!

I think I'm ready to see more indie brands in the box again and maybe even some true natural hair brands like OBIA Naturals, Camille Rose, Bekura, Kurlee Belle, TGIN...the list goes on. Per the website, they've had several of these brands in their previous boxes so I hope to see some of them soon!

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Box received courtesy of COCOTIQUE for review purposes. All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links through which I may receive a commission.