Customized Skincare | Multi-Masking with The Body Shop

You know what they say -- the first step is admitting. I am a mask junkie. When I pulled the long cylindrical gift box from a package filled with black crinkle cut fill, I was so excited. I met these five new beauties at The Body Shop's booth when I covered The Makeup Show in Dallas and they were finally in my hands! 

I was super eager to try the new Expert Face Masks ($28 USD/each) because the formulas are 100% vegetarian (2 of them are even vegan), but I also wanted to introduce you to the concept of "multi-masking". If you're like me, your skin probably isn't the same in all areas. Multi-masking allows you to use multiple facial masks on different areas of your face based on skin concern. Perhaps my T-zone is very oily, but my cheeks are really dry. Or I'm getting a lot of breakouts along my chin, but fatigue is showing near my eyes. Exactly how various areas of the hair may not be the same, your skin can be the same way.

When I opened the box, I found all five expert face masks with additional information and benefits for each one under the lid. So cute and thoughtful!

Amazonian Acai | Energizing Radiance

This was the first mask I used from the collection and I thought it was very gel-like with gentle exfoliation. If you're feeling (and looking) a bit tired, this 100% vegan mask is great to use for fatigue and stress. It's meant to put some pep in your skincare routine and I think those anti-oxidants from the açai berry contribute to that. The smell is sweet and fruity. Since the consistency of this mask and a few of the others aren't very thick, you can apply with a mask brush or an extra liquid foundation brush for precision. It makes a great morning mask or for around the eyes to get rid of fatigued eyes.

Ethiopian Honey | Deep Nourishing

There has definitely been a trend with honey in beauty products this year and I love it! Honey is great in deep conditioners and face masks to nourish and add moisture. If you have any super dry areas or patchiness during the fall/winter, this particular mask would be a great option for those. This 100% vegetarian mask smells and looks like honey as it is made with community trade Ethiopian honey.


Chinese Ginseng & Rice | Clarifying Polishing

I loved that this mask was so exfoliating with what I guessed were the ginseng and rice extracts. This paraben-free mask left my skin feeling super smooth and "polished". It has a very creamy consistency, so you won't have to worry about hardening while you relax. The Body Shop describes this mask as a skin-perfector with pore minimizing, imperfection reducing, and smoothing benefits. For me, this is great for the larger areas where I apply foundation that I want to have smoothness for an airbrushed finish like my cheeks and forehead.


British Rose | Fresh Plumping

The British Rose mask not only has a fresh scent, but it will give your skin a fresh look as well. I've heard rose masks are excellent under the eyes just below where you would usually apply concealer. There's a rose eye mask that I love from Sephora, so that's why I used mine in that area. You do not need to refrigerate The Body Shop masks, but I recommend placing this one in the fridge for about 10 minutes for a cooling effect that will rid your eyes of any puffiness as well. This one can be used in the morning or at night.

Himalayan Charcoal | Purifying Glow

While it's super messy and flaky once dried, the 100% vegan Himalayan Charcoal mask has definitely been my favorite. I've used it quite a few times! This is a true deep cleansing mud mask that hardens within minutes. I kept mine on for about 15-20 minutes before softening with warm water and wiping away with cool water and muslin cloth. There are rather chunky pieces of bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills that will help you achieve a youthful glow and rid your skin of impurities. This mask could definitely be used all over perhaps bi-weekly or when major breakouts are expected to happen.


Purchase your best multi-masking combination at The Body Shop online or in-stores. A few of the masks are also available in single trial packettes

I received these masks from The Body Shop for review purposes. All opinions are my own.