Experience/Review | Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations Personalized Skincare Serum

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sara, the manager of Kiehl's in Highland Park Village, for a consultation to try their new Apothecary Preparations service. While I was there, I learned that Texas is super special because we are the first three locations (2 in Dallas, 1 in Houston) to offer the personalized skincare service outside of New York. The Apothecary Preparations helps individuals really dive in and identify their skincare needs or concerns to create a custom concentrate. I'm a huge fan of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, so I'm really happy to try mine out! Check out my experience and the steps:

The price of this personalized service is $95 and includes the consultation/diagnosis, one bottle of the Skin-Strengthening Concentrate plus two small tubes of Targeted Comlexes that address your top two concerns. This service is only available in-store.

Update [4/20/17]: I would totally recommend this experience for anyone who is a skincare enthusiast and/or wants to target their skincare concerns with both botanical and clinical strength ingredients. I've been using my serum pretty routinely morning & night (3 drops per application) with at most one other serum and a moisturizer for approximately 7 months. I definitely noticed that it greatly improved my skin in a short amount of time (after about a month) and with routine use over time -- mostly evident in texture which is what I was most concerned with since I wear a lot of makeup for photos/video and texture is very important to me. Read more of my thoughts and how I incorporate my Apothecary Preparations personalized serum in my routine.

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Photography by Danielle Sabol

Kiehl's provided a product sample for review purposes.