Elle Vie 'Date Night' Body Butter | Review

During April's Dallas Textured Hair Marketplace, I was browsing the vendors when I came across Elle Vie Body Butter's table. I typically don't buy body butters because I'll simply purchase a value-sized bottle of Jergens and call it a day. To be honest, I really didn't stop with the intention of buying anything. However, once I began sniffing each of the scents, I wanted one. Plus it's nice to see strong black women with their own businesses and one of my goals this year has been to support as many sistas as I can.


I was impressed by the packaging with full high gloss, vibrant labels. Nothing against brands that have minimal labels, but this really caught my eye. What can I say? I'm a sucker for packaging! The label was bright, glossy, and neat with beautiful branding.

The Scents

There are a total of 6 body butters: Social Butterfly, Girls' Night Out, Date Night, Life of the Party, The World Is Mine, and Keepin' It Real (unscented). See the notes for each scent listed below:

  • Social Butterfly: honey, sandalwood, chocolate, vanilla
  • Girls' Night Out: chamomile and sage
  • Date Night: exotic tropical hibiscus, jasmine, mango, amber, sandalwood
  • Life of the Party: wild mint, peppermint, bergamot, chamomile, cardamom, coriander, black currant
  • The World Is Mine: garden spearmint, eucalyptus, calendula, citrus
  • Keepin' It Real: unscented

Body Butter Texture

Elle Vie Body Butter has a very lightweight, whipped texture that is super easy to rub in. You won't have to worry about fighting with a beady or grainy texture.

Like most solid oils and body butters, make sure you keep it in a cool place or else it will break down to a liquid form...and then it wouldn't exactly be a "butter" anymore. It will look exactly like melted butter, so remember to preserve the texture.

Longevity & Wear

I appreciate that it's not oily at all. You skin takes in moisture and holds it all day long! While my face is super oily, the rest of my skin can be very dry and it can be difficult to keep moisturized during the day. Elle Vie was very effective and helped me prevent mid-day ashiness!

The scent I purchased was Date Night and it lasted throughout the day getting a little lighter throughout the day. My boyfriend and everyone else I came in contact with while wearing it loved it. It's not overbearing at all and that means a lot to me. The wrong scents can seriously trigger my allergies and send me into a sneeze attack for hours! Date Night is a light, clean scent that lingers sweetly. It's perfect to rub on after a nighttime bath. 

To purchase your own Elle Vie Body Butter, you can visit their website.

What shops do you purchase your body butters from?