Farmacy Beauty Review | Lip Bloom, Honey Savior & Coconut Gel Mask

Very often I'll simply waltz through Sephora with no intentions on buying anything, but to look at any new products or brands that I should have on my radar. It's sort of playground. Towards the end of 2016, I began to notice Farmacy. I would always walk past their side of the gondola and wonder if they were really any good.

Last month, the beauty brand that had intrigued me so much was nice enough to send a few of their products for me to try out and review. I was especially interested in their Lip Bloom and I'm a total mask junkie, so the Coconut Gel Masks were 150% appreciated. I've been able to use the products for a little over a month now, so I wanted to share my thoughts on each of them.

Lip Bloom in 'Apple Rosemary'

The scent of this balm is fresh. It smells very much like apples with a hint of rosemary (the herb). When I apply the balm, my lips feel very soft and smooth; however, after about 30 minutes I do notice that it begins to wear away. I've found that most balms don't last very long, so that is why it's usually recommended to reapply as needed or several times a day. I've been applying this when I do my makeup in the morning and it's not too thick or "greasy" feeling where it would mess with the formula of a matte lipstick, but it still protects the lips. | $16.50 USD at Farmacy's website and Sephora

Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvy

Gel masks are my favorite type of sheet mask because they cling to your face and you don't need to lie down for a full 20 minutes (or however long you choose). While perhaps it's recommended to relax during a face mask, it's not always the reality and I need to multi-task. The Coconut Gel Mask felt almost like a second layer of skin. The only thing that was a bit tricky for me was getting the second film removed after applying the mask, but I soon learned that this is normal with gel masks after researching Tatcha.

The New Dawn Mask Medley comes with the Firming, Brightening, and Anti-Wrinkle masks (3 in total) for $24 USD. The price per mask is fairly standard at $8 USD. Unfortunately, there is not an option to purchase the face masks separately at this time, but the Medley packs are great if you want to try out different ones. Farmacy offers six face masks.

Honey Savior All-in-One Skin Repair Salve

I never turn down a skin repair cream. My skin is dry, so to leave the house without some type of lotion is rather devastating and patchiness is real life. This is one of the many salves I've kept on-hand this month and I love it for my hands especially with it being so cold outside some days. The formula contains honey (one of my fave ingredients) which is softening and repairing. While the consistency is jelly-like, it's also soft and buttery melting into the skin without being slippery or greasy at all -- a little bit goes a LONG way. My skin feels like satin after applying this salve. I would recommend applying throughout the day as needed. | $34 USD at Farmacy's website and Sephora