The New Two-Step Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask Everyone's Talking About


If you’ve ever listened to me talk about my favorite skincare products, then you’ve definitely heard me gush about Fresh Beauty’s Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner. Although it was pricier than my usual toners, I didn’t even hesitate to buy it when it first released and I’m so glad. It easily became one of the most-grabbed toners on my shelf because it was so much more than a regular mist. The benefits were unlike anything I personally experienced or owned previously.

A few weeks ago, the brand released a newbie in their lineup of Rose Deep Hydration products. I’ve enjoyed the Deep Hydration Face Cream before, but never really thought about how there wasn’t a night cream of any sort. Fresh Beauty introduced the Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask and I was completely shook. I’m a mask junkie and I’m always looking for the next cool, innovative thing. If you’ve never had a chance to try a sleeping or overnight mask, then it can best be described as an intense, super concentrated and heavier night cream or moisturizer.

The Formula & How It Works

Multi-step masks are becoming more and more popular now and the Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask consists of two steps. The first step is a cooling gel that gives the skin a hydrating boost of rose extract and hyaluronic acid, then it’s all locked in with step two which is a moisturizing water-cream mask that works with time-release technology overnight.


My Routine

  • I started with my absolute favorite Soy Face Cleanser for a gentle cleanse. It’s definitely a highly recommended one!

  • Next, I followed with the Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner which I’ve clearly made known that I’m a huge lover of. It’s actually infused with REAL rose petals, so it makes a beautiful product to display on your skincare shelf or vanity. Aside from the looks, it works amazingly on the skin. There’s no alcohol or drying feeling after using it either.

  • I skipped serums and dove right into the Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask as my final step of the routine. Step one could easily substitute in a way as a serum followed by step two.

My Thoughts & Experience

The Texture & Formula | How Does It Feel?

After application, my skin had the dewiness and glow that I love after a face mask or when using a night cream. I always want my skin to be able to soak in EVERYTHING it can while I’m getting beauty sleep. If I feel dry or matte after using a moisturizer at night, then it’s not what I want.

This particular formula combination is great for wintertime or dry climates — I personally get a little dry in the winter and can feel totally sucked dry of hydration when I travel to drier climates like Denver. Of course, it’s made with roses, so it doesn’t have and off-putting scents. Actually, I always thought I disliked rose products until I started dipping into Deep Hydration.


The Price | Is It Worth The Money?

Retailing at $50 for two night formulas, I think this product is certainly worth the price. It’s like purchasing two Fresh travel or deluxe sizes which range from $25-35 each. However, If I use this nightly, I don’t think it will last super long because each step has its own side of the jar. If I had to guess, I could probably use this for approximately 2-3 months (60 to 90 days) with consistent nightly use.

The Results | Did It Actually Work?

Spring glow? CHECK. Morning glow? CHECK! In my world, the next best thing to going to sleep with a glow is waking up with one, too. I’m probably the happiest I’ve been with my skin in about 7 months because I’m currently using Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective products but aside from being clear, I can’t deny the glow I get from this product. My skin looks healthy and hydrated while the sleeping mask is applied and just like the other Rose Deep Hydration products, I’d recommend in a heartbeat.

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