Heatless Curling Styles for Summer

It's the middle of summer and the heat in Texas is sweltering. If your client has natural curls, they're probably trying to avoid heat at all costs -- even the blazing heat rays from the sun. So how do you style natural hair to achieve different curl and wave textures without heat? I'm showing you three super simple techniques you can try this season to enhance textured hair.

Two-Strand Twist-out

This style is my favorite and the quickest. After washing my hair, I create several medium sections of hair. Use your favorite styler with light to medium hold and distribute it from root to tip. Butters and puddings work perfectly with this style. Separate each section into two strands and begin twisting all the way to the ends of the hair.

Leave the twists in overnight or until completely dry, and unravel. Apply oil to your fingertips before taking the twists down to prevent extra frizz.

The Results: Fluffy, voluminous hair that will stay true to the pattern of the original curls.

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Jaleesa Howard