Introduction to ESQIDO Mink Lashes

Last summer, I received my first pair of ESQIDO mink lashes. This was back in the day before I really knew how to apply falsies or even blogged about beauty, but I wore my pair until I couldn't wear them any longer. You actually can wear these up to 25 times with proper care. I had the Unforgettable lashes and they were gorgeous! It was definitely more of an everyday type of lash that looked completely natural.

A few days ago, they sent three new styles for me to play with when I do makeup looks and they're quite a bit more dramatic than last time -- which I love. I've grown more and more confident in the world of lashes with more experience under my belt! They also added their Companion Long Lasting Bond for me to try.

Photographed: Gina lashes

Photographed: Gina lashes

ESQIDO lashes come in these chic white pebble-embossed boxes with their logo printed in a glamorous metallic copper. You can continue using the boxes to store your lashes until you're ready to dispose of the set. Perfect for traveling!

When you open the box, the inside reads "The Signature To Your Masterpiece" in the same copper lettering as the outside. You'll find any special style cards inside, but each box comes with a standard care card. This explains: how to apply and remove your lashes, how to care for them, the guarantee, and the many ways you can socialize with ESQIDO on social media. 

Style #1 | Big City Nights

The first style they sent was Big City Nights which kind of reminds me of my go-to wispie. They can be anywhere from light or super full, but they are shorter towards the inner corner and get longer towards the outer. While the length of each lash makes them look more natural than other falsies, they're usually still very glam.

Good news -- Each lash is handcrafted with a cotton band, so say bye-bye to itchy eyes! Some of those plastic bands can be quite painful. 

You can find this set in The Classic Collection.

Photographed: Big City Nights lashes

Photographed: Big City Nights lashes

Style #2 | Lash Named Desire

I'm actually really excited to try Lash Named Desire because I have never worn lashes that criss-cross. Definitely "sultry" and dramatic-looking as described on their website. This would be a cute date night lash for sure and great for when I don't feel like wearing very long falsies. 

You can also find this set in The Classic Collection.

Photographed: Lash Named Desire with Companion Long Lasting Bond

Photographed: Lash Named Desire with Companion Long Lasting Bond

Style #3 | Gina

Gina is a member of The Signature Collection! 😍 I consider these Instagram and YouTube lashes and that's certainly where you'll see me in them. *dies from the pure beauty*

Okay, okay...I'm back! SO this set is a collaboration with beauty influencer, Gina Shkeda. Ah! Now the look totally makes sense. They're those full, gorgeous lashes that every influencer flutters on Insta with a completely beat face. These are going to be AH-MAZING and I can't wait to show y'all soon!

Companion Long Lasting Bond

Lastly, I was sent the Companion Long Lasting Bond this time. Because every set of falsies needs a bestie that's going to help them hold it together through the tough times, right?! With my old set, I was pretty much just using whatever lash glue I could get my hands on and eventually settled on DUO since it didn't wreak havoc on my peepers -- irritation and allergies. I honestly think it was the latex or something, so the fact that this one is latex-free makes me extremely happy. But the real test is how it will hold up during my long days. We shall see. Updates coming soon!

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I received these mink lashes courtesy of ESQIDO. This is not a sponsored post.