How To Achieve the 'Perfect Pout' with Sara Happ & Review

Last Saturday, I spent the afternoon with Sara Happ at Nordstrom (she's seriously the sweetest) -- I've wanted to try her products for a very long time, so I bought a few treats for my lips! While skincare has become one of my greatest topics on this platform, there are still areas of it that I'm interested in exploring more. Lip care is one of them. I've had an opportunity to try all of these products several times this week, so I want to share my thoughts and how I used all three to create the 'Perfect Pout'.


The Lip Scrub


When I sniffed the Sprinkles Red Velvet Lip Scrub, I absolutely had to have it! First of all, it smelled delicious. Second, I love to why not? Everything about this lip scrub was spot-on. While I've only owned this lip scrub for one week, I've used it about every other day and can totally vouch for it. It gently rids the lips of dead skin while moisturizing it with natural oils such as jojoba and grape seed. The texture is also much different than other scrubs I've tried -- many (like Lush) tend to be extremely dry or end up drying out quickly. I immediately noticed that Sara Happ's lip scrubs have a creamier texture and I could tell that the formula is packed with beneficial ingredients for repairing and nourishing lips. 

I also have Brown Sugar, but neither my sister or myself have dabbled in it yet; however, the ingredients are fairly identical aside from the flavor/aroma.


Sweet Clay Lip Mask

This little pink lip mask has made its way to my "Beauty To Try" Insta bookmarks probably every time I see it posted. Needless to say, I've wanted to try this particular product since it was released...and now I've finally tried it! 

In my opinion, good lip treatments that aren't just a bunch of hyped BS are really difficult to come by. Even I've been fooled by fancy marketing. *shrug* I once spent about $50 on a treatment and was highly disappointed with the results...or lack thereof. Sitting at a retail price of $32, I will say that I initially hesitated to purchase it because there are so many cheap little gel lip masks out there. Sweet Clay Lip Mask is pretty unique with it's frosting-like texture and ingredients such as bentonite clay, shea butter, and Swertiamarin which helps heal and regenerate the lips. According to the instructions, you can apply a generous layer to the lips for 2 to 20 minutes (I admit that I could be using more) and it does not dry down or crack. As of now on the market, I don't think you're going to find anything like it on the beauty shelves. I would definitely recommend if you want to add something new to your lip care routine for extra benefits.

Lip Slip One Luxe Balm

When it comes to lip balm, I'll use pretty much anything I already have if it contains natural oils, doesn't quickly rub away and won't leave my lips feeling tacky/sticky. This balm definitely fits that description and there are no weird tints, so any skin tone or complexion can use it. I maybe only have a few lip balms (not glosses) that I use on a consistent basis. It sort of reminds me of the translucent pink Jouer Lip Enhancer which I do use often alone as a gloss and under lipstick -- between the two, I noticed that Sara Happ additionally includes macadamia seed and sweet almond oil which are both great ingredients for lips. I also spotted copolymers which I believe help the product last much longer. If you're on the hunt for ONE good lip balm that you can use consistently in an everyday routine, then I would recommend this. It is also available in a tube like Jouer for easier application on-the-go. 

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