#MyHairIs | Perm Rod Set on 4C Hair with Texture ID from Sally Beauty

Hey beauties! This hair video is much different than my previous ones because I blew my hair out by myself for the very first time for a perm rod set. About a year ago, I filmed a perm rod set tutorial on my naturally coily 4C hair (without blowing out) and many didn't care for the results. At first I was annoyed with some of the rude comments I received, but now I really don't care anymore. I love the natural texture of my hair and the difference from one head to the next is what makes this community so beautiful!

Disclaimer: My hair is not what the companies typically show to sell their products, so if you're looking for loose silky, smooth curls of "perfection" then you will probably NOT find that on my blog or YouTube channel. My hair is kinky, coily and sometimes a little unruly in its patterns.

For this video, I had the opportunity to try the new Texture ID haircare line from Sally Beauty and share my review. Check out the tutorial and hear my thoughts on each product: