Review | The VIP Treatment at Pink Pedi Salon in Dallas

When I received the invitation for Pink Pedi Salon's grand opening party, I quickly shuffled my evening around to get a first look at the new addition to Sylvan|Thirty. Initially I thought, "cool, another nail salon", but Pink Pedi is anything but another ordinary nail salon. It is the first and only eco-friendly, fume and toxin-free nail salon and apothecary in Dallas. I arrived at the salon which is located just behind Whisk Crepes Café (which I've written about before) and fell in love. The salon owners, Lucy Dang and Brandon Lyon (husband/wife duo) were so welcoming during the grand opening party and were happy to explain the concept of Pink Pedi to guests.

As soon as I saw the handmade spa products and beauty of the salon, I knew that an appointment needed to be made ASAP. The very next day (on Tuesday), I called to book The V.I.P (Level 4) pedicure package with Lucy and it was literally ALL I could talk about in the days leading up to my Friday morning appointment. It came with a bottle of rosé wine, exclusive dead sea black mud mask, and my choice of an essential oil blend roller for the extended 45-minute pressure-point massage. In other words, 90 MINUTES OF HEAVEN! See the full menu for pricing, details and additional service packages/options.

Artisan-Made Atmosphere

Everything you see in Pink Pedi has been handmade by local artisans from the light fixtures to the clay pedicure tubs. It's like your dream home decor Pinterest board has come to life! It is beautiful yet comfortable. It will definitely make you want to take you shoes off. The photos speak for themselves, but it's even more charming in person.

In-House Spa Products

Pink Pedi is also an apothecary, so the bath bombs, organic sugar scrubs, body butters, and oils are all made in-house with 100% natural ingredients. It is pure aromatherapy that is highly appreciated after a stressful day or week. For my pedicure, I chose the Signature Pink Peppermint Sugar Scrub and Lotion. The sugar scrub smelled like a sweet cupcake packed with shea butter and peppermint essential oil. When Lucy used her hand-blended medicinal peppermint oil blend, I could really feel the tingling of the essential oils when it penetrated my skin. The relief it gives for muscle aches and pains is incredible! Pink Pedi Apothecary products are available to purchase in larger sizes in-store and soon online.

PInk Pedi's Signature Pink Peppermint Sugar Scrub

PInk Pedi's Signature Pink Peppermint Sugar Scrub

I chose the Milk & Honey bath bomb because that's my absolute favorite bath time cocktail to create at home, but there are several others to choose from depending on your own preference or mood.

Milk & Honey bath bomb at Pink Pedi Salon

Milk & Honey bath bomb at Pink Pedi Salon

Customized & Clean Experience

As I mentioned, I got to customize my experience with Pink Pedi's selection of in-house spa products, but they'e also very clean. No reused tools here! Each client gets to pick out their own toe separators, personal mani kit, and flip flops when choosing the spa products for their service. You get a little basket to toss everything in and it's kind of like shopping! 

My customized basket at Pink Pedi with clean pedicure tools and my choice of a bath bomb, sugar scrub, and body butter.

My customized basket at Pink Pedi with clean pedicure tools and my choice of a bath bomb, sugar scrub, and body butter.

More About Pink Pedi:

Overall, my experience at Pink Pedi was spectacular and I've already scheduled another appointment for The VIP pedicure next month. I can honestly say it's the best and most fun pedicure I've ever gotten! I highly recommend trying them out. They offer excellent packages that will fit any budget, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank to treat yourself.

What are you waiting for?! Treat yourself to an appointment today!

Pink Pedi is located at 1888 Sylvan Ave Suite F-140
Tuesday - Saturday from 11AM-8PM