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Whenever wash day comes around, I consider it a full self-care experience -- aromatherapy with essential oils plays a huge role in my lineup especially depending on my mood. Typically when I want to relax before bed or destress, lavender is an excellent choice. Not only is lavender known for its aromatherapy benefits, but there are also amazing results for hair and skin.

When Camille Rose initially launched The Lavender Collection last year, it only consisted of three stylers: the Shaken Hair Spritzer, Crush Defining Gel and White Clay Edge Custard (now renamed Edge Glaze). Honestly, all of the products were huge game-changers for my 4C hair, but it was an in-and-out collection at Sally Beauty and ever since was sold sparingly on their site. Now it's back as a full "Aromatic Growth System" with everything from cleanser to edge gel! Last year, I filmed a twist-out tutorial and review on my YouTube channel, so decided to give an update on my thoughts here and share the very first wash & go video on my channel. 

Fresh Cleanse

This cleanser kind of reminds me of the Clean Rinse from Camille Rose, but with all of the benefits of lavender, jojoba and black elderberry. It lathers a little bit and leaves the hair/scalp feeling super clean without stripping the strands or dryness. Like other Camille Rose cleansers, I noticed that I could easily detangle while working Fresh Cleanse through my hair and I love that! To me, there's nothing worse than feeling dry and detangled after using a shampoo.

Quench Deep Conditioner


Deep treatments are always so fun and therapeutic to use -- Quench Deep Conditioner is no different! There is a little bit of menthol in this treatment, so a slight cooling sensation can be felt on the scalp with use. I've seen some reviews where they felt the cooling sensation was too much, but others (like myself) either didn't feel anything major or didn't find it intolerable. Quench Deep Conditioner is a great, creamy conditioner that any hair type can use as well as low- and high-porosity hair.

Whipped Cream Leave-In

I never really like moving on to a gel without a leave-in conditioner, so I'm really glad that Camille Rose added Whipped Cream Leave-In to this Collection. Last year, I used Shaken Hair Spritzer as a liquid leave-in (which was okay), but sometimes my hair needs something thicker and this is it! In my opinion, Whipped Cream Leave-In acts as sort of a nice "primer" for the hair before adding Crush Defining Gel to style. However, cream leave-in conditioners like these can be so difficult to squeeze out of a bottle without a pump, so I hope they add one in the near future.


Crush Defining Gel

Being a natural with 4C hair, it has been incredibly difficult to find the perfect defining gel. It always seem like most are better with looser curl types and don't have nearly enough hold to keep my kinky coils prominent and defined. I've been waiting on the return of this collection specifically for the Crush Defining Gel -- the other new products are certainly a bonus, by my gel has been long gone for many months. Luckily, I do not experience any flakes or residue when I use this one like I have with others. My coils also feels soft rather than hard and crunchy. Wash-and-go's have never been as amazing as they've been with Crush Defining Gel. 

Curl Maker vs Crush Defining Gel

There is quite a bit of difference between the two defining stylers from Camille Rose, Curl Maker and Crush Defining Gel. For me, it's more difficult to achieve a wash-and-go with Curl Maker, and when I do use it, I have to use Fresh Curl (my hair's absolute favorite Camille Rose leave-in). The hold is lighter whereas Crush Defining Gel has a much stronger hold that is perfect for naturals with type 4 hair who may be feeling discouraged in the wash-and-go department.

Shaken Hair Spritzer

Last year, I used Shaken Hair Spritzer as a leave-in conditioner during my styling process and a refresher during the week to make my style last. Now that there's an official leave-in cream, I only use this product to refresh and add shine to my hair before/after fluffing or separating my coils. No matter how I use it, Shaken Hair Spritzer definitely makes my hair even softer and adds moisture when it's feeling dry. As Camille Rose's first liquid refresher, I hope they make this in a smaller, travel-sized bottle one day so I can keep it in my backpack...but the fact that there's a new locking nozzle will hold me for now!


Edge Glaze


I can't seem to keep Edge Glaze in my possession because my mom loves it just as much as I do! Edge Glaze is a strong hold gel that can be used on the edges and/or to hold styles in place. While I can semi-appreciate EcoStyler for it's lighter hold, it just hasn't always done the trick for my kinky edges. Lavender as an ingredient also helps promote hair growth just as it does with the entire collection, so if you're experiencing thinning edges, this might be worth a try. I'm a little heavy-handed with edge control products and use quite a bit when I do, so I'll be stocking up once the collection is available individually. 

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