MAC Cosmetics Liquidlast Liner Review & Swatches | 4 Waterproof Shades

A few weeks ago, I received four of the new MAC Cosmetics Liquidlast Liners (c/o MAC) and decided to try them with different makeup looks. They sent me Keep It Currant, Misty Me, Late Night and Blue Me Over -- however, there are 9 shades in total.

The Liquidlast Liners are available for $21 USD in MAC Cosmetics stores and online.

So...What's The Verdict?

I appreciate the pigmentation of these liquid eyeliners and they lasted all day for me without wearing off/rubbing away. The color payoff was just as strong at the end of the day as it was when I first applied them with each look. When I used them, they kind of reminded me of acrylic paint...but in a really good way. And the best part? They're waterproof and clearly transfer resistant!

Originally, I actually thought the metallic liners were glitter. My skin is usually super irritated by glitter liquid liners...I'm guessing from an adhesive ingredient or something. Luckily, the metallic Liquidlast Liners didn't cause me any issues, so I was able to wear them as comfortably as any of the other liners.

Swatches on Dark/Deep Skin

Below are the "swatches" incorporated directly in a full makeup look along with close up shots. You can see that the color on the outside of the tubes and on my skin are pretty identical, so no disappointment here!

Products used in this blog post were received courtesy of MAC Cosmetics for review & editorial purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own.