The Good In Combining Science & Beauty with Chief Scientist, Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Ph.D. of Good Science Beauty

c/o Good Science Beauty

c/o Good Science Beauty

Perhaps I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to Dallas-based skincare brand, Good Science Beauty. I’ve seen other skincare influencers post about the brand from their “shelfies”, but was pretty clueless about them. Skincare has really come a long way and there are tons of brands emerging on the scene, so I always love to know what makes new skincare brands unique. Ingredients and new technologies are usually the number one thing that will make me want to try a product. I get super curious and enjoy learning the ins and outs.

While doing my research on the brand, I noticed that each product uses two natural ingredients…but also included GoodSilicon+™. With that being known, I wanted to know more about this trademarked and patented ingredient that was unique to the brand. I recently had an opportunity to get some of the hot questions on my brain to Chief Scientist, Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Ph.D. and the team at Good Science Beauty for answers. Here’s how they explained GoodSilicon+™ and its benefits:

There are so many skincare brands popping up nowadays that it can be difficult to settle on just one or even a few. What makes Good Science Beauty unique compared to other technology-focused brands in the industry?

Good Silicon+! Each of our products combines two key ingredients that boost each other’s performance. Good Silicon+ patented technology used exclusively by Good Science Beauty in skin care carries ingredients to where they need to be and releases them over time into the skin to work their magic. We use ONLY the ingredients needed and nothing more to keep the products simple and pure.

What is Good Silicon+ technology?

To be effective, skincare ingredients need to be absorbed into the skin, be present in the skin in their active form, and available for a sufficient time to perform their intended functions. Good Silicon+™ makes all of this is possible.

Good Silicon+™ is our unique, patented carrier technology that’s made from natural silicon, lipids, and amino acids. Its honeycomb-like shape holds and protects proven ingredients, delivering them deep within the skin, directly to the underlying source of your skin issues. It slowly dissolves to release ingredients over time, so they have enough time to work their magic.

When Good Silicon+™ dissolves, it turns into absorbable silicon called orthosilicic acid, which helps stimulate your natural collagen production and keeps your skin strong.

Describe the art of combining natural ingredients with clinical...

Chief Scientist, Suzanne Saffie-Siebert c/o Good Science Beauty

Chief Scientist, Suzanne Saffie-Siebert c/o Good Science Beauty

Most women think that if a skincare product contains ingredients that have been proven to be effective, the product must be great. However, to be effective ingredients must not only be absorbed into the skin but must also be present in the skin in their active form. They also need to be available for a sufficient time to perform their intended function. Take hyaluronic acid for example, which is a natural sugar that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. So, in theory, it’s an amazing skin hydrator. But hyaluronic acid molecules are so large that they cannot be absorbed by the skin which means that in most skincare products, the hydrating effects of hyaluronic acid are quite limited.

When you look at a skincare product, don’t just read the list of ingredients. Make sure the product is formulated in a way that makes the key ingredients bioavailable to the skin. We designed Good Silicon+ technology to protect ingredients from degradation, take them across the outer skin barrier, and release them over time to make ingredients as effective as possible. Therefore, all of our skincare products are formulated with Good Silicon+.

What was the inspiration for creating Good Science Beauty?

Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Ph.D. is a recognized world authority in drug delivery and a pioneer of silicon-based bio-courier technologies. Throughout her career, she has always believed that good skin is a vital component of overall beauty and good health and makes a significant impact on emotional well-being.

She understands from personal experience how frustrating it can be to spend time and money on skincare with sometimes disappointing results. To Suzanne, science is the answer. Her research team spent almost ten years developing Good Silicon+®, a unique patented technology specifically designed to make skincare ingredients more effective, while also delivering Ortho-Silicic Acid (OSA), the bioavailable form of silicon, an essential micro mineral for skin health. She developed the Good Science Beauty® brand to make her advanced technology available to everyone.

I just received the 004 Br: Skin Brightening Cream courtesy of GSB, so I’ll be trying it out for the first time soon, but you can check out the brand for yourself at!