Beauty Review | Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream


You'll know when the heat is rising in Texas, because I'm always commenting on it! Last summer, I switched up my everyday makeup routine by replacing my foundation with the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation (see review). I loved it and I'm actually beginning to use it again since I'm slowly getting my summer tan back, but I've always wanted to try a BB or CC cream. I remember when the Camera Ready BB cream hit the shelves while I was working seasonal at Sephora, but I only swatched it on the back of my hand. They later released the CC cream. My skin wasn't as clear as it is now, so my preference lied with a formula that would provide me with much more coverage. I found this in full-coverage foundations. Since I've worked on the clarity of my skin over the years, I'm more comfortable working with the idea of wearing a color-correcting (or CC) cream alone.


The consistency of this product is extremely lightweight and water-based, but it still helps even my complexion. I love this. This way, I have the option of wearing the cream alone or beneath my favorite foundation (I'm currently using MAC Fluid Studio Fix and BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation). Never have I felt as though I were sweating off my makeup while wearing the cream. One of my greatest concerns is preventing an oily/shiny face. The CC cream is very moisturing, but doesn't make me look oily throughout the day.


If you're looking for full coverage, do not elimintate the CC cream as an option! It provides a light to medium coverage, but a layer of the cream beneath a light layer of my foundation helped me get the perfect full-coverage I desired. This formula also contains SPF 15 which you can smell only slightly. If you're looking for more coverage, then you can use more product as you please! This is definitely a buildable formula.

Here are some photos showing my complexion before and after applying the Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream:

Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream in Dark

Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream in Dark

Tips for Application

  • Always make sure your face has been well cleansed, toned, and moisturized before applying CC creams or foundations. This will help your skin appear fresh and glowing.
  • Exfoliate once a week to cleanse your pores. You want a smooth application!
  • A little bit goes a long way, but make sure you're using enough CC cream to see the correct results. Don't be too shy with the product!
  • Apply in all the right places (see below) and blend with a blender or foundation brush. I use the MAC 187 for a perfect airbrushed look.

These are the areas on my face where I apply my CC cream. You don't need to apply in streaks or large  globs, but just dime size in these areas. This is generally how I apply my foundation as well: 


The packaging is a short, 1.0 oz squeezable tube. It's nothing incredibly fancy and that's fine by me! One of the things I look for in packaging is the ability to use all of the product once I begin running out. There's nothing worse than having a prestige cosmetic product and not being able to get it all out of the container or tube. I'm happy that I'll be able to squeeze out every last bit of this CC cream!

Color Swipe

I got the deepest shade of the 8 available (Dark) and before I began using it, I was a little nervous that it would look slightly lighter than my skin and make me look chalky. Smashbox is one prestige cosmetic brand that has a fantastic range of foundation and concealer shades! The cream blends perfectly and looks even better after a few minutes of oxidation.

Price: $$$ (Splurge)

The Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream retails for $42 and can be purchased from It may seem expensive, but this cream is wonderful. I personally love the entire Smashbox brand -- I'm especially a fan of their lifesaving Photofinish Primer (which I do use beneath the CC cream). This product is definitely worth the money, and since I prefer lighter weight products during the hotter months in Texas, I would more than likely need to purchase it only a few times a year. However, it is a great year-round product.

Overall Rating: A+

There isn't anything that I don't like about this product! I've heard many great things about the Smashbox BB and CC creams, and I'm ending my review by confirming them. If you live in a place that gets plenty of sunlight and tends to get a bit heated, you'll love this product! On cooler summer days, I can top it with foundation. In the extreme heat, I can protect my skin and get a little bit of coverage by wearing it alone. This product really works amazingly just as I expected for it to!

This product was received by me courtesy of Smashbox. Each review on my blog is 100% honest and all opinions are my own.