My Skincare Favorites: Spring 2014

I think it's incredible that I receive so many generous compliments on my skin all the time! This is mainly because I never thought of my skin to be "glowing", "flawless", or any of the other adjectives people use to describe my skin -- EVER. Just like any other woman, I have flaws and small insecurities sometimes, and I never really thought these things of myself!

Skincare is extremely important to me. As a teenager, I used ProActiv religiously...but my skin eventually became immune to the formula and it was a waste to continue using it. Until I got to college, I pretty much just used soap and water -- no scrubs, no masks, no special multistep regimen.

I wanted to share with you the products I use on my skin. Some are old favorites, some are new favorites. As a beauty blogger, I enjoy trying new products that match my views -- this means au natural or at least somewhat. These are not all of the products I use, but just some of my absolute favorites for the season.

Left to Right: Dead Sea Elements wet cleansing and makeup remover wipes (Tuesday Morning or  Drugstore ), Charlotte Tilbury 'Goddess' Skin Clay Mask ( Nordstrom ), Dr. Woods pure black soap ( Amazon  or your local natural food stores)

Left to Right: Dead Sea Elements wet cleansing and makeup remover wipes (Tuesday Morning or Drugstore), Charlotte Tilbury 'Goddess' Skin Clay Mask (Nordstrom), Dr. Woods pure black soap (Amazon or your local natural food stores)

Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap: I've been using this brand since my freshman year of college (that makes 4 years now) and it has been a lifesaver for my skin. Black soap can be a little drying, so I definitely recommend a good moisturizer after this step! I switch up moisturizers a lot. I've used everything from drugstore to prestige, so I'll have to dive into the best moisturizers in another post! This has been the cleanser that cleared my blemishes and scars from past breakouts. This is my holy grail!

Charlotte Tilbury 'Goddess' Skin Clay Mask: I had the pleasure of meeting and learning about this line from the Charlotte Tilbury herself last month. I use sweet almond oil on my hair, but I got so excited when she mentioned the oil as an ingredient! The fact that all of her products are hydrating, have the vitamins you need for a gorgeous complexion, and natural products, made me happy to try her line. I've been using this mask once a week on my Sunday wash days or before a really big event. It leaves your skin feeling baby soft and minimizes pores and lines, so it's perfect just before a flawless makeup application.

Dead Sea Elements: My mom actually bought these for me the first time earlier this semester and I love them. It's so important to remove your makeup at night before bed. Sleeping in your makeup is like not brushing your teeth in the morning! Gross, right? These are infused with dead sea salts and minerals, which are highly used in spa treatment products. They're also nice to use even if you don't wear a ton of makeup, but simply want to cleanse your face for some freshness! They're super cheap at Tuesday Morning and you get between 30-60 towelettes depending on the package size you buy. You might also be able to find them at Marshall's or TJ Maxx, but they're typically far more expensive online.

Left to Right: Vaseline Intensive Healing Serum ( Vaseline  or most grocery retailer), Sappo Hill old fashioned oatmeal soap ( Sappo Hill  to purchase or find retailers)

Left to Right: Vaseline Intensive Healing Serum (Vaseline or most grocery retailer), Sappo Hill old fashioned oatmeal soap (Sappo Hill to purchase or find retailers)

These are a bit newer to me, but they're just a bit of a switch up from what I typically use.

Vaseling Intensive Care Healing Serum: I received this to try courtesy of Vaseline a few weeks ago. I wanted to give this new formula a try because I typically buy their Cocoa Radiance lotion -- I love to smell like cocoa butter -- but I wanted to switch it up. This formula is much lighter than most lotions and extremely hydrating. I loved that it was completely non-greasy! I bugs me to put on lotion and then slip on a pair of leather or suede shoes that can be easily ruined by contact with lotion. And even still, I don't like my feet slipping and sliding around in my shoes or have the feeling that I'm going to completely sweat the lotion off in the Texas heat! The scent of rose and amber were extremely light, too, so my sinuses didn't tingle from spring allergies which is always a fabulous thing.

appo Hill Old-Fashioned oatmeal soap: Not too long ago, I shopped at Whole Foods for the first time ever! I've shopped in Sprouts and my local natural food stores but, for some reason, I'd never been in Whole Foods! I picked up few things and thought I'd try a new soap, so I picked this one and it literally smells like an oatmeal cookie -- YUM. I love soaps with oats in them (my Nubian Heritage black soap bars have them), but I've never bought one so deliciously scented before. Oats are a great, gentle exfoliator especially if you have sensitive skin. A good exfoliator is a must-have, but you don't want to rub your skin raw either. Oatmeal soaps can be used to cleanse and exfoliate your face or in the shower!

Do you have any favorite skincare products? What are they?
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