Sustainable Beauty Series | Castile Soap Challenge

As a beauty blogger, when people as me what I use to keep my skin so clear, I excitedly tell them either, "black soap" or “Castile soap!” I always proceed to list the dozens of other things I use it for and receive looks of serious surprise and confusion. I’ve been using Castile soap for years, but for some of my friends and readers, it’s a newfound gem. Those have been the holy grail for my skincare routine.

This week, I focused on staying away from cleaners and products with the long, fine print lists of chemicals and harmful ingredients and only used Castile soap for everything!

As you can see, the packaging claims to be an 18-in-1 soap. Yes, there are really 18 uses! Originally, Castile soap was purely a vegetable soap, but modified formulas include essentials oils and other natural ingredients with tons of benefits. 

This week, when I didn’t want to use Dove soap in the shower, I’d use the peppermint Castile soap. Lavender is also perfect for baths before bed — you’ll be asleep in no time! I love to use it as a shampoo or add a tablespoon to my all-natural DIY shampoos. One of my absolute favorite beauty uses for Castilesoap is to clean my makeup brushes with them! It quickly breaks down the product built up in the brushes and gets them just as clean as when you first purchased them! 

Since Castile soap is a vegetable-based soap, it can be used to remove some stains from clothing. When I was dashing out to an event on Thursday, I noticed that I’d gotten a little bit of makeup on my outfit, so I diluted some Castile soap and…voila! When I wash my I even used the soap to clean my dishes everyday and add some to a spray bottle to clean my countertops. It’s truly a multi-purpose soap and it’s personally one of my favorites to recommend because you can literally use it for everything!

Many green cleaning detergents and soaps have are pretty expensive in my opinion, but I could purchase a very large bottle of Castile soap for a little under $15. Plus, I was able to use it much more often, so it's definitely a money-saver and I didn't need to purchase a ton of different products for different uses. I was also able to clean everything (including myself) minus harsh or toxic chemicals.

Call to Action: I challenge you to use Castile soap for one week. You can find the product at any natural grocery store (even the small local ones) or, if you’re lucky, in the the beauty section at TJ Maxx. You don’t have to use the soap for everything, but try using it for as many things as you can!

For a list of uses and directions on how to dilute, visit Lisa Bronner’s blog.
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