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GLOSSYBOX Unboxing | June 2015

It's been a long time since I've tried a beauty subscription box, so I'm unboxing my first GLOSSYBOX and telling you guys what I think! What's in a GLOSSYBOX? Is it worth it? Press play! Don't forget to *watch in 1080p HD* for the best quality. Try GLOSSYBOX for yourself and get a special 15% off code just for you, but you have to watch the video first!

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My Skincare Favorites: Spring 2014

I think it's incredible that I receive so many generous compliments on my skin all the time! This is mainly because I never thought of my skin to be "glowing", "flawless", or any of the other adjectives people use to describe my skin -- EVER. Just like any other woman, I have flaws and small insecurities sometimes, and I never really thought these things of myself!

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