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There's nothing better than having a best friend to help make shopping decisions, but I don't always have my friends with me to make those important decisions. One of my biggest struggles is trying to figure out which lip color truly looks best on me when I'm at the store. I've even gone as far as asking a random stranger for beauty advice and feedback.

Now, I no longer need to do that because Target has introduced its Beauty Concierge in select Dallas and San Francisco stores! The Beauty Concierge is your new beauty best friend. Earlier this week, I visited my nearest Target location offering this service and was greeted by a personable and knowledgeable beauty expert. She was able to listen to my concerns and recommend the perfect products for me. 

The main beauty concern I always have is how to keep my face from glistening of oil by the end of the day. I'm 23 years-old and I still haven't come up with a solution that has 110% satisfied me. The Beauty Concierge recommended the NYX Shine Killer (which I've heard several people swear by) to apply to my problem areas prior to applying foundation. Since I'm almost out of foundation, she also suggested I replenish with the Revlon Colorstay 24-hour liquid foundation which I'm pretty excited to try! 

I have TONS of hair products, but when she led me to the Hair Milk Refresher Spray, I quickly added it to my basket since I loved the products from the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk collection that I talked about last week. I'll be able to use the spray to refresh my curls in the middle of the week or closer to wash day! I'd also been eyeballing the new Sally Hansen Two-Step Miracle Gel for weeks now! I'm always on the go and have a serious problem with my nails chipping, BUT I hate having to soak gel nails for so long just to remove them. She told me that this formula has the longevity and finish of gel polish without the major commitment.

Target is always adding new services to enhance the consumer's experience in their stores and they're all for making my shopping more convenient. It's exactly what keeps me coming back multiple times a week for everything I need. If you've seen my Snapchat, then you know exactly how often I'm in a Target store! 

Visit the Target Beauty Concierge in your area (only available in select locations)! Currently, the Target Beauty Concierge is available in Dallas at the Dallas NE, Plano West, and Cityview locations.

Will you be visiting the Target Beauty Concierge or have you already visited? I'd love to hear about your experience!

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