Everyday Skincare Routine with Tata Harper

Last month, I was invited to a Lunch & Learn with Tata Harper at Mirador in Dallas. I've always seen the skincare line in stores like Nordstrom and Neiman's but never got around to purchasing any of the products, so this was very exciting! Lunch with the other beauty influencers and Tata & her team was nothing short of amazing. Of course, we were sent home with several Tata Harper goodies to try and I immediately figured a routine for myself. 

I've been using this routine for approximately 2 weeks now and have traveled with it to New Orleans for Essence and the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo this month. I still have other products to try out, but here is my current routine and steps:

Step 1 | Regenerating Cleanser

The Regenerating Cleanser is a cleanser and exfoliator all-in-one! This has definitely been keeping the dead skin and roughness away, but I've been alternating this one with a foaming milk cleanser because I haven't wanted to irritate my skin. I apply this to my face while wet and massage it on my skin in a circular motion before rinsing.

Step 2 | Hydrating Floral Essence

Next, I lightly mist my face with the Hydrating Floral Essence and let it air dry (no rubbing in). I honestly thought this one might trigger my allergies since it is floral, but luckily it hasn't. The scent is extremely soft and the results are refreshing. It can be used to refresh the skin throughout the day or simply as a toner.

Step 3 | Elixir Vitae

For my serum, I followed with the Elixir Vitae which has been fabulous. My favorite products to try from brands are serums because they are highly concentrated to repair the skin. While I do not have any wrinkles, the Elixir Vitae was created to tackle them. I have noticed that my pores tighten and the overall complexion and texture of my skin looks perfect. Texture is such a big deal for me especially as a beauty blogger who wears a lot of makeup.

Step 4 | Crème Riche Velvet Moisturizing Cream

A new holy grail product for me -- the Crème Riche Velvet Moisturizing Cream. I have SUPER oily skin. Even though I've learned to just embrace the way my skin is and that oiliness is actually a positive thing, I like to control it as much as I can. I mean, who wants a slick face with a full face of makeup on (or even bare-faced)?! NO THANKS.

This Velvet Moisturizing Cream leaves my skin feeling....well, VELVETY. It hasn't leave me feeling greasy, but instead, rather matte. It has been amazing before applying makeup everyday.

Watch my routine in action: