The Debate on Black Hair: Natural or Weaves?


Recently, I was asked to give my input on Black natural hair for a mini-documentary for a fellow UNT student's final project this semester. Given the subject, I was more than happy to participate and it's always fun when I can add to the natural hair conversation!

Simply put...I love my natural hair. I've never had a perm/relaxer. I'll wear wigs and weaves when I want to have fun, give my natural locks a rest, or prepare for an upcoming pageant but, other than that, it's curls and coils all day long! I can probably count the number of times I wore my hair in its natural state during all of my high school years...on one hand.

Honestly, I can say that I didn't have the courage to wear my hair naturally because of the pressures to look a certain way -- the common high school struggle. I've lived for too long believing that straight, silky hair was a woman's only way to be considered "beautiful". I would spend hours on end trying to get my half curly/half heat-damaged strands to "act right" with a flat iron (or whatever else would work). Never would I be caught with my hair shrunken in curls. But what was considered "beautiful" and "right" just wasn't me and I wanted to experience me. My hair is just as "beautiful" and "right" as any other texture. 

After serious heat damage and having to chop inches from my length, I began to contemplate the natural lifestyle. In my opinion, it's a lifestyle.

Freshman year of college, I was experimenting with dozens of products and styles in my Kerr Hall dorm room with my best friend bumping old school jams (I swear we should have been born decades ago). Four years later, although I've experienced many ups and downs, I can truly say that wearing my hair naturally has been one of the best decisions I've made for the health of my hair. Plus, I think it really suits me.

Check out the documentary to see what other naturals and myself have to say about our hair. Hear about how we chose to go natural, our ideas and experience with relaxers, and what our men think of the look:

Black Hair documentary x Whitley Pleasant

I wanted to share the doc on my blog because it's obviously about beauty and I'd love to hear what you think about natural hair!

Are you natural? Thinking about going natural? How do you feel about wigs and weaves (and vice versa)? Does your significant other love your natural hair? Let me know!