My Experience with TriDerma Advanced Skin Healing

Winter was so rough on my hands and with 6 days until spring, I'm just now healing. No matter how much regular lotion I used, nothing seemed to work on a patch of dry skin between my thumb and pointer finger. It was extremely dry and peeled so much that it began to get pretty painful. At its worst point, it was close to bleeding. I wish I'd taken before and after photos, but it was actually quite embarrassing and I attempted to hide it as much as possible especially in public.

Extreme Dryness PLUS

When my November COCOTIQUE box arrived, I decided to try the full-size sample of the TriDerma Extreme Dryness PLUS. I don't always get to try every single product sent in my subscription boxes, but since I was having skin issues, I desperately needed to test this one. Within a 3-5 days of continued use 1-3 times per day, I began to see my dry, patchy, peeling skin heal.

I got a little too comfortable before it healed completely the first time and my skin ended up regressing to an even more terrible state. Last month (February), I started using the cream again and now (in March) the skin is fully repaired. No more rawness, pain, or peeling. I've since started using a second tube because I handed what was left of my first tube to my mom to try out and she loves it, too. 

TriDerma extreme dryness plus

Extra Pure Healing Gel

After I briefly posted about my experience with the Extreme Dryness PLUS, TriDerma reached out to send the Extra Pure Healing Gel. The packaging says it's great for minor burns, sunburn, post-laser and cosmetic procedures. Honestly, I've been so hooked on the Extreme Dryness that I haven't really had a chance to use this one and I haven't burned myself or anything lately. However, I did squirt a little on the back of my hand upon receiving it and it kind of reminds me of aloe vera gels that I've used. They're very "watery" and soothing. The Extra Pure Healing Gel contains aloe vera as well which is perfect because I usually keep similar products in my cabinet. You never know when you'll need it!

When I burn myself (crossing my finger that I don't) or end up using this gel, I will update here.

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