Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss Try-On & Review | Full Collection

Last month, I received the full shade range of the Urban Decay's Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss collection and immediately filmed a try-on video for my YouTube channel. As much as I love a powerful lipstick, some days lipgloss is the easier and more comfortable option. 

UD HiFi-100.jpg

First, watch the full try-on:

Now let's get into the details...

The Shades

The Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss range has 20 glosses to fit any mood, personality or occasion. I think there's a perfect gloss for everyone! Hi-Fi Shine comes in a handful of textures such as cream, metallic, holographic, and sheer cream color. If you look at the shade names, you might even notice that several were created after a VICE Lipstick shade, so you can even play with two formulas and textures.

UD HiFi-102.jpg

Formula and Consistency

This formula contains peppermint oil and Vitamin E which are super softening and hydrating for the lips with a plumping effect and vanilla-mint flavor. If you suffer from dry and/or cracked lips, then this will be a non-sticky and nourishing formula for you. I hate when lipglosses are so tacky that everything gets stuck on them. It's very annoying, but I can say that I didn't experience that with any of these. It helps to have lip products that help rather than create more issues.

Color Payoff

Depending on the shade, I either got tons of color or not very much -- mainly the lipglosses that matched my skin tone did not provide me with much "color" and were barely noticeable. Let's break it down by texture/effect:

  • Cream (9 shades): the most color payoff. I was able to wear these completely alone. 
  • Sheer Cream (3 shades): quite a bit of color payoff, but sheer. Can be added to lipstick as a complementary gloss or alone for subtle everyday wear.
  • Metallized (4 shades): lots of shimmer and shine plus some color. Can be worn alone or as a lipstick topper.
  • Holographic (4 shades): very soft color payoff with a holographic effect. Great to add texture to your favorite lipsticks.


I didn't experience this gloss lasting any longer than a typical gloss would. I've worn 1993 the most because I love the shade in the VICE Lipstick formula and managed to carry it with me in my purse during the day for reapplication. Most days, I would re-apply one time during the day. The longevity of this gloss also probably depends on your lifestyle -- I love to eat and drink (A LOT), so I did notice that the color and/or glitter somewhat stayed in place while the gloss part wore away a little bit. The good thing is that it won't be completely gone in just a few hours!

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