3 Must-Know Programs for Dallas Entrepreneurs & Creatives

It has been almost two years since I made the decision to take the self-employed blogger route and I don’t regret it one bit! I believe Dallas and the community have helped immensely with my success. Whether they’ve come from other major cities or right here in my own backyard, I have made so many amazing connections.

Many people ask me how I get the opportunities that I’m afforded and my number one answer is: networking.

To be creative and produce spectacular work from your office or apartment is one thing, but networking with others and building relationships is the real key to success.

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Here are some Dallas programs and events for entrepreneurs and creatives to take advantage of:

Dallas Startup Week

Each year in April, Dallas Startup Week events take place and it brings out entrepreneurs, creatives, and students of all experience levels and backgrounds. This is a free event that is powered by Chase for Business and growing quickly. Panels and sessions include topics such as social media strategies to how to secure investors full of knowledge from the community’s brightest.


The week is packed with opportunities to learn and co-work, so you will need to sign up for each session and create a schedule. Keep in mind that some events and sessions fill up quickly! Last year, the Rachel Zoe Box of Style Party was hot amongst fashion and beauty enthusiasts.

And the best part? Dallas Startup Week is completely free and accessible downtown in several of the popular office buildings.

The DEC (Dallas Entrepreneur Center)

The DEC, also known as The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, is a hub for entrepreneurs located in Downtown Dallas. Membership includes virtual, co-working and dedicated spaces for those who may need office space and/or amenities to move their businesses forward. There are also mentorship opportunities for members to connect to founders, investors and corporate innovators.

Each month, the DEC hosts several events including meet-ups, learning sessions, free co-working opportunities and tours of The DEC. This is a great place to meet other entrepreneurs and potential creative business partners from various industries.

If you are an entrepreneur who works from home, this is an excellent community to be apart of!

Dallas Regional Chamber Young Professionals

Young Professionals is a non-profit organization of the Dallas Regional Chamber for leaders of all backgrounds open to individuals ages 22 through 40 years old. In addition to being a network, there are several opportunities to develop and sharpen leadership skills through mentorships, community service projects and board/committee positions.

YP offers members several opportunities to interact and network with civic and business leaders through CEO luncheons, summits and intimate breakfast series.


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5 Reasons Why Dallas Is The Move For Millennials

With the growth of millennials, like myself, cities are reviving themselves with us in mind. Our wants and needs are considered and our opinions are extremely valuable to the constant changes being made. As a native, I have watched Dallas flourish firsthand and I can testify that this city is certainly not the same as it was 6-8 years ago — it’s better!

On the other hand, millennials who are moving to Dallas from cities like D.C., Los Angeles and New York City always express to me how much they enjoy living here…and I think it’s incredible.

Here are some of my reasons why Dallas is the move for millennials:

Outside City Influences

In recent years, it seems that many new Dallas concepts have flecks of inspiration from other major cities. Instagram-able coffee shops, food trucks galore, elaborate downtown flagship stores, local artisan markets — and the list goes on! Many of the exciting things that I’ve only seen on social media from other cities are now making their way to Dallas and we are keeping up with what’s hot.

Dallas is on the radar for brands and companies, so the pop-up shops, tours and flagship stores are all unfolding here.

Diverse Neighborhood Vibes


There are a handful of increasingly popular neighborhoods for millennials in Dallas such as Bishop Arts District, Deep Ellum, Lower Greenville and Uptown. Every neighborhood has its own lifestyle and personality, but these have a great community feel. There’s tons to do without having to venture too far from your own backyard! There are bars, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing boutiques and so much more. Many of the neighborhoods bordering Downtown Dallas are walkable, biker-friendly or have transportation options. Convenience is pure gold!

More Living Space For Less

When friends and family visit from out of town, one of the comments I hear the most is regarding the real estate in Dallas. It is one of the most affordable places to live in the nation! You can definitely get more living space for you buck here whether you live in a loft downtown or a house in the suburbs. What you would spend on an apartment in Dallas, you might spend twice as much (or more) in other cities. Indeed recently listed Dallas as one of the 15 largest metros offering the highest salary after adjusting for the cost of living. 


Creative Start-Up & Entrepreneurial Community


The Dallas start-up and entrepreneurial community is quickly growing! There are tons of new companies being created and non-traditional career routes being taken by millennials. Dallas is a great city to collaborate with other creatives and be innovative. You can even surround yourself with other creatives with the multitude of co-working spaces opening to accommodate those in need of an open office space to cook up new ideas and concepts. Let’s be honest, millennials don’t typically like traditional work environments. Flexible hours, lots of light, a fridge full of brain food, open space and unique ways to jot down our thoughts.

If you’re a small business, your next pitch just might be right in your backyard! Dallas is the home to the Dallas Market Center with plenty of access to buyers and large retailers. Trade shows like Indie Beauty Expo are also making their way to the city to help small brands make connections to the consumer and corporate executives. Additionally, Dallas is the home to large beauty and fashion companies like Neiman Marcus, CURLS, Jack Black, Mary Kay, Sally Beauty and Stanley Korshak. 


The Statistics Don’t Lie

Dallas is growing more and more everyday, and the statistics show it! According to Say Yes To Dallas, the Dallas region adds an average of nearly 400 people per day in its living communities. That’s a lot of new residents! Forbes recently named Dallas as one of the best places for business and careers in 2017 with expansion at the sixth fastest rate over the past five years. Need I say more?

Find Out More Reasons Why You Should Say Yes To Dallas

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3 Reasons Why I Said “Yes” To Dallas

With cities such as Los Angeles and New York City at the top of the list for many beauty influencers, I decided to Say Yes To Dallas.

Just weeks after graduating from college last year, I took the big entrepreneurial leap of faith to pursue blogging and content creation full-time. When I told friends and family about my decision, they would ask why I didn’t “move to a bigger city” and I always gave the same answer — Dallas is growing and so am I! 

Therefore, I wasn’t going anywhere if I could help it.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I Said Yes To Dallas: 

It’s Hot On The Radar

Born and raised in Dallas, I’ve been able to watch the city grow over 25 years! When I began attending events as a young sixteen year-old blogger, brand events were fairly limited and the community was still very fresh. Today, with influencers holding great power in the marketing industry, the number of bloggers and content creators residing in Dallas (and Texas) has grown, leading to eyes on the region. 

Indie Beauty Expo Dallas

Additionally, Texas is the second largest market in the country for beauty, according to Indie Beauty Expo. Beauty brands such as Urban Decay, NYX Cosmetics, Bare Minerals, Tata Harper and many more have hosted events and opened boutiques in the city.

Tons of Creative Space

Dallas Reunion Tower.jpg

Even though I work from home and living in pajamas is one of my favorite things to do, it’s great to be able to switch up the scenery to gain inspiration. Whether it’s solo at a new chic coffee shop, collaborating in one of our many innovative co-working spaces (great for entrepreneurs) or taking a mid-day stroll at one of our many art galleries, there is plenty of space to be creative in Dallas. The city is my playground. In fact, Deep Ellum and the Bishop Arts District are two of my favorite areas for discovering new murals, artsy boutiques, cool coffee shops and other unique concepts for my content.

Plenty Of Room To Shine

While it may seem as though the beauty influencer community is rapidly growing in Dallas, there is still plenty of room to shine as long as you put in the work! One thing I constantly hear from aspiring bloggers and content creators is that “the community is so saturated”, but it really isn’t that saturated. 

Jaleesa Charisse Dallas beauty blogger

In my early days of blogging, I figured out a few things to help me stand apart:

  • True passion
  • Niche
  • Personal style

There are thousands of influencers around the globe and living in Dallas is definitely an excellent advantage, but it was important for me to narrow it down even more — get specific. After I identified those things, I was able to grow my platform on a local and national level!

Find out more reasons why you should Say Yes To Dallas

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6 Boutiques in Dallas That You Should Know

Aside from spectacular restaurants, Dallas is the home to many boutiques. We have everything from affordable, to Vogue-worthy styles, in this great city. There is a store for every budget and style. These aren’t nearly all of the boutiques in Dallas, but a handful that you should absolutely know about! Time to get your shop on.


This chic full-line boutique in Highland Park has a range of beautiful designer pieces for the brand-aware shopper. You will most certainly find high-end clothing here! If you live in Houston or Atlanta, you may even be familiar with their other two locations. They carry everything from 3.1 Philip Lim to Yigal Azrouel, and have the full collections. You won’t find just one or two pieces from a designer here! Tootsies is also very active in their home cities as a sponsor for many events, and supporter of local and national charities.

Interior of Tootsies in Highland Park

Interior of Tootsies in Highland Park

This post was previously published at ForRent.com. Read the full article for more Dallas clothing boutiques you should know!

The Best Dallas Eateries and Bars with a View

Dallas is the home of several award-winning kitchens. Every neighborhood has its stars, but sometimes a change of scenery is needed. If you’re on the hunt for restaurants that will take your food game to new heights, then look no further. We have three of the hottest spots in Dallas that will give you delicious bites, cocktails, and some of the most spectacular views of the city.

Five Sixty at Reunion Tower | Fine Dining

Five Sixty is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant serving Asian cuisine. The restaurant is located inside “the glowing ball” at the very top of Reunion Tower. It’s one of the most memorable parts of the downtown Dallas skyline and where many hope to dine for a revolving 360-degree view.

You don’t need to be major wealthy, or celebrating an anniversary dinner, to make reservations at Five Sixty. While the business casual dress code is strictly enforced at this five-star Wolfgang Puck restaurant, diners can make a reservation-free visit to enjoy happy hour with friends and colleagues from 5-7PM on weekdays.

Pass a few hours and watch the rush hour traffic clear from the 560-foot landmark. The Izakaya menu offers a variety of small dishes, wine, and desserts while you wait, so be sure to check with your server for happy hour specials.

View of downtown Dallas from Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant in Reunion Tower.

View of downtown Dallas from Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant in Reunion Tower.

This post was previously published at ForRent.com. Read the full article for more Dallas eateries and bars with views.

Popular Neighborhoods for Millennials in Dallas

As millennials, we want unpredictable fun and unique experiences. It’s even what we’re looking for in a Dallas neighborhood as we move into our new apartments and condos. Convenience and walkability are always important but if you can add “fun” to the list of pros, you just might have us sold. We visited four neighborhoods in Dallas that are great for millennials in search of a new nest.

Bishop Arts District/Oak Cliff

The Bishop Arts District in northern Oak Cliff has been on the rise for quite a few years. New luxury apartments are popping up to make room for new residents in this artsy part of town. You’ll find a mix of the most popular Dallas boutiques, one-of-a-kind eateries, and art galleries. Lucky you! These are your new neighbors. While quiet during the week, the Bishop Arts District really comes alive at night and on weekends. There’s even a nearby co-working space, Common Desk, for the entrepreneur millennial.

Signage of boutiques and galleries in the Bishop Arts District (shown: Ginger Fox Gallery)

Signage of boutiques and galleries in the Bishop Arts District (shown: Ginger Fox Gallery)

Deep Ellum

An edgier neighborhood that is attracting millennials is Deep Ellum. Loft-style apartments with the coveted exposed brick and pipes are waiting for you! On most blocks, find walls of graffiti and art that reflect the great artists of Dallas and are popular for Instagram photo ops. Looking for nightlife? Hit some of the best entertainment spots and bars such as Armoury D.E. and The Bomb Factory, if you’re looking for an unforgettable night of fun. Perhaps even pick up a late night donut from Glazed Donut Works into the wee hours of the morning.


This post was previously published at ForRent.com. Read the full article for more popular neighborhoods for millennials in Dallas.