3 Reasons Why I Said “Yes” To Dallas

With cities such as Los Angeles and New York City at the top of the list for many beauty influencers, I decided to Say Yes To Dallas.

Just weeks after graduating from college last year, I took the big entrepreneurial leap of faith to pursue blogging and content creation full-time. When I told friends and family about my decision, they would ask why I didn’t “move to a bigger city” and I always gave the same answer — Dallas is growing and so am I! 

Therefore, I wasn’t going anywhere if I could help it.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I Said Yes To Dallas: 

It’s Hot On The Radar

Born and raised in Dallas, I’ve been able to watch the city grow over 25 years! When I began attending events as a young sixteen year-old blogger, brand events were fairly limited and the community was still very fresh. Today, with influencers holding great power in the marketing industry, the number of bloggers and content creators residing in Dallas (and Texas) has grown, leading to eyes on the region. 

Indie Beauty Expo Dallas

Additionally, Texas is the second largest market in the country for beauty, according to Indie Beauty Expo. Beauty brands such as Urban Decay, NYX Cosmetics, Bare Minerals, Tata Harper and many more have hosted events and opened boutiques in the city.

Tons of Creative Space

Dallas Reunion Tower.jpg

Even though I work from home and living in pajamas is one of my favorite things to do, it’s great to be able to switch up the scenery to gain inspiration. Whether it’s solo at a new chic coffee shop, collaborating in one of our many innovative co-working spaces (great for entrepreneurs) or taking a mid-day stroll at one of our many art galleries, there is plenty of space to be creative in Dallas. The city is my playground. In fact, Deep Ellum and the Bishop Arts District are two of my favorite areas for discovering new murals, artsy boutiques, cool coffee shops and other unique concepts for my content.

Plenty Of Room To Shine

While it may seem as though the beauty influencer community is rapidly growing in Dallas, there is still plenty of room to shine as long as you put in the work! One thing I constantly hear from aspiring bloggers and content creators is that “the community is so saturated”, but it really isn’t that saturated. 

Jaleesa Charisse Dallas beauty blogger

In my early days of blogging, I figured out a few things to help me stand apart:

  • True passion
  • Niche
  • Personal style

There are thousands of influencers around the globe and living in Dallas is definitely an excellent advantage, but it was important for me to narrow it down even more — get specific. After I identified those things, I was able to grow my platform on a local and national level!

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