Prime Time Premieres

Empire Premiere | Cookie-Style with Golden OREOS

Besides clothes, I think my second favorite part about fall is season premieres of television shows. I await my favorites and welcome new series with an open mind, but no watch party is complete without snacks. Whether I have a friend over to enjoy the show with or I'm watching solo, the perfect foodie spread is a must!

I've been chowing down on these BOGO free California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas this week from Target. I picked up a few boxes of the Sicilian flatbread for tonight's tray complete with wine, popcorn, cheese + grapes, and...GOLD OREO COOKIES. 😳

What better way to welcome a brand new drama-filled season of Empire and the Cookie Lyon (aka Taraji P. Henson) than with cookies?! I wanted something a bit more glamorous than regular ol' chocolate chip. I almost always have OREO cookies in my kitchen, so when I spotted some gold ones on Pinterest, I knew they'd be perfect!

I picked up a can of the gold Wilton edible color mist from Hobby Lobby (used my 40% coupon from the website) and evenly sprayed approximately 8 spaced out cookies at a time on a paper plate. I waited until the first side was completely dry before spraying the opposite side.

I love the OREO Thins, but I'd recommend doing this on the originals. Some of the cookies became a bit fragile after spraying with the gold mist because they were so thin. They were so cute once they were completely dry and added a glam touch to my Empire snack tray.

Decor: Black Trifle Containers // Gold Treat Boxes // Acrylic Tray (similar) // Marquee Letter Lights (similar) // Acropolis Coaster Set // Gold Luster Stemless Wine Glasses (similar)
Snacks: Original Oreo Thins (sprayed with gold Wilton Color Mist) // Microwaveable popcorn // California Pizza Kitchen Sicilian Flatbread // Monterey Jack Cheese Cubes + Seedless Red Grapes // Sutter Home Chardonnay

I'll be live tweeting Empire on Twitter at @JaleesaCharisse, so be sure to follow to join the convo! #Empire

Scream Queens Premiere | Chanel-Style with Barefoot Wines

I was so sad when the first season of Scream Queens came to an end. I've been hooked on the show since episode one and tonight the season two premiere airs! Tuesday nights are officially off-limits. 

I've been working on my closet project for the past two days, so I had to kick the season off Chanel-style! I picked up a bottle of Sweet Red Blend California wine from Barefoot at Target to sip on while I munch on extra buttery popcorn. The wine is new to me, but I definitely wanted something sweet and this is perfect!

Scream Queens-inspired snack tray lit by a Voluspa Crisp Champagne two-wick candle

Scream Queens-inspired snack tray lit by a Voluspa Crisp Champagne two-wick candle

What's a good premiere party without a little bit of candy? The other week, I got a cute little box of Sugarfina rosé gummy bears in a swag bag -- they're delicious (with real rosé champagne) and I figured this would be the perfect time to make them disappear. 👻 I also picked up some Jack O'Lantern-shaped Snickers and Trolli Crawlers. Who needs to go out when you can create a sophisticated candlelit smorgasbord of concession stand goodies at home?

I'll be live tweeting Scream Queens every Tuesday this season on Twitter, too! Follow me at @JaleesaCharisse to join the convo. #GetReadyToScream! 😱