Girl Scout Cookies & Wine Pairing [Infographic]

Every year I both dread and relish Girl Scout cookie season. I'm well aware that I'm going to stock my pantry with several boxes of cookies that my jeans begged me not to buy because I couldn't say "no"...but I also don't care because this much deliciousness only comes once a year and I deserve it.

I almost got through the season without purchasing a single box until I stumbled across this genius infographic. Immediately, I dialed the first Girl Scout cookie "plug" I could think of and managed to snag a box of Trefoils, Do-si-dos, and Samoas just to pair with wine tonight. 

Check out the infographic to figure out what type of wine pairs the best with your favorite Girl Scout cookie! Click to read the article from the original source.

Source:  SheKnows

Source: SheKnows

What are your favorite Girl Scout cookies?