Celebrate with Hpnotiq Sparkle


So a few weeks ago we finally found out who or what Khloé Kardashian has been obsessing over, and I honestly can't blame her! With a drink like Hpnotiq Sparkle, you must find the perfect outfit, decorations, and food to have a girls' night. But this is a drink you share with only your best group of friends! I decided to host an evening of cocktails and bites at my new apartment with my bottle of Sparkle! I mean, what better way to celebrate moving into your own place? #INeedSparkle


I love sending invitations through email. For my 21st birthday last year, I even used an amazing service called Paperless Post! For this particular event, I was feeling super crafty so I browsed Pinterest for awhile until I found the perfect invitation idea. Since I'm pretty savvy in Photoshop and a college student on a budget, I took the design and created my own custom invite completely from scratch!

Here's my version (personal information obviously changed):


The Outfit

Here's the outfit I planned to wear, but after running around town to put everything together...it remained a plan -- but a nice one, nonetheless. However, I was wearing a metallic gold skirt and I used my new Magnificent Metals eyeshadow by Stila...so I was somewhat dressed for the occasion! Originally, I picked out a Lovemarks Co. sequin skirted dress and my gold glitter Worthington pumps.


Like Khloé, I definitely flipped out when it came to finding decorations with enough sparkle, but I also didn't want to spend an arm and a leg! I mean, I'm a college student. I decided to use sparkly things I already owned plus new things to glitz up the ambiance!

I used some of my most glittery shoes as props on an old rhinestone tufted ottoman from my dorm days.

This is the prettiest, sparkliest half of the set up! The other half was mostly food and the cute cupcakes I made. I scoured Pinterest for weeks for the perfect inspiration! I sprinkled the table with turquoise gems with gave just the right touch to the table. I bought clear plastic champagne flutes and added a striped straw to each.

I bought a silver plant tray (with no intention on using it for a plant) at IKEA a few months ago when I moved into my new place and it finally came in handy I used it to display the Hpnotiq Sparkle. It really just looks like a serving tray!

I wanted the main focus to be on the decorations and cupcakes -- not the cutlery or tableware. Plus, I'm so into decorating with acrylic right now! I had a clear acrylic tray that would be perfect for placing the cupcakes, so I took two spare pieces of glittery scrapbook paper and cut them to fit the tray. Just like that, I had a liner!

The Sparkle Bar

Although, I totally specified hors d'ouevres in my invitation, I most certainly wasn't going to have my friends drive all the way to my apartment for bite-sized food. My gatherings always include food enough to fill!

These are the cupcakes I made were blue velvet baked to perfection in individual metallic gold cups. I finished them off by using vanilla icing on top and gold glitter sprinkles.

The blue velvet cupcakes up close (above). The day before, I realized that I would be far too busy to make the hors d'oeuvres I wanted to make. And besides, everyone's schedules turned out to be so hectic that I didn't want to spend upwards of $50 on ingredients and nobody show up. It just made so much more sense. Instead, I ordered pizza and chicken poppers!

Drinks with Hpnotiq Sparkle

Without a doubt, my drinks had to have a little Hpnotiq Sparkle in them, but I did also have non-alcoholic options available as well! I chose to serve the 'Bubbles and Blue' since it's fairly easy to mix (Hpnotiq Sparkle + a champagne of your choice) and my guests (and readers) could easily replicate it at home.

Hint: If you can't find Hpnotiq Sparkle in your area, you can always mix the original Hpnotiq and your favorite champagne. It's such a quick fix when you're juggling décor and food preparation! 

Want to throw your own Sparkle party with the new Hpnotiq Sparkle? Hurry and stock up for your holiday parties this season because there is a limited supply of Sparkle available from now until December!

Hpnotiq is also having a sweepstakes right now that you should definitely enter. They're giving one lucky winner the opportunity to win $5,000 to sparkle all year long! They'll also be drawing two winners each week until January 2nd to win prize packs. Buy Hpnotiq Sparkle for all of your friends, throw a fabulous party, and even go on a shopping spree for plenty of new sparkly goodies for your wardobe!

Enter and tell me how you would celebrate if you won the Hpnotiq Sparkle Sweepstakes?

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