Gastronomy 101 at Dallas's Public School 972

A few years ago before I brought my foodie experiences to the blog, I had a solo lunch at Public School 214 in West Village for the first time. I thought the schoolhouse ambiance was the cutest idea in the world. From the notebook-printed napkins to the vintage books and paraphernalia, the details of the spot were clearly well thought out.

I had an opportunity to dine at the new location in Dallas, Public School 972, which is nestled comfortably on Montfort Drive in Addison and perfectly located for easy access to "recess" (their version of happy hour). There are also Public School locations in California: Los Angeles, Culver City, Thousand Oaks, Sherman Oaks; Colorado: Denver; Nevada: Las Vegas; and (soon) Atlanta, GA. 

Craft Cocktails | Crushed Velvet

My reservation was at 6PM, so just in time for recess! I perused the curriculum for drinks and settled on the Crushed Velvet (not included in recess specials) which is crafted with vodka, blackberries, blueberries, and ginger beer. It tastes SO much better than it sounds. I really enjoyed it -- not too weak, not too strong.

The Crushed Velvet cocktail with blackberries

The Crushed Velvet cocktail with blackberries

For the Table | Parmesan Truffle Frites

To start, I ordered the Parmesan Truffle Frites. Nomally, I try to stay away from truffle fries because they tend to be very strong on the breath, but I was dining solo and was feeling a bit risky. To my surprise, they actually weren't that strong with the truffle oil. They were served with preserved lemon aioli and what I believe was a delicious Sriracha ketchup. I barely touched the aoli as I'm not a huge fan, but Sriracha ketchup with fries? YES MA'AM.

Parmesan Truffle Frites with preserved lemon aioli and Sriracha ketchup

Parmesan Truffle Frites with preserved lemon aioli and Sriracha ketchup

Plates | Pan-Seared Salmon with Harissa Vinaigrette

Since I ordered a burger for lunch during my last Public School meal, I decided to order a more dinner-like dish. The Pan-Seared Salmon with Harissa Vinaigrette sounded like a solid choice and my waitress recommended it. I love asking for favorites so I can order differently. The salmon rested on a bed of zucchini and asparagus topped with mandarin orange slices and herb salad. Salmon with a sweet salsa or citrus is my fave.

Sweets | Chalkboard Special (varies by day/location)

Dessert was completely unexpected, but my waitress said the restaurant was offering it with my meal and I gladly accepted. I indulged in a very rich chocolate brownie drizzled with a Guinness sauce and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream drizzled/sprinkled with caramel and cayenne pepper. It was heavenly, but the brownie was so rich that I had to box most of it to-go...but the party definitely continued as soon as I got home! 

This is a fun spot to hang out with friends! I highly recommend their recess menu which is available everyday from 3-7PM and 9PM to close. Of course, you can order additional dishes, but I'm always down for tasty and inexpensive small plates that I can share with my friends over cocktails!

Public School 972 is located at 14854 Montford Dr. in Dallas

Rex's Seafood at The Market | Dallas Farmers Market

I should really browse Groupon more often for food deals because I've been desperately searching for the perfect lobster rolls in Dallas. I've been to East Hampton Sandwich Co., but I love to try different variations of dishes. When I saw the deal for $20 worth of food at Rex's Seafood at The Market, I quickly browsed their menu and decided they would be whipping up my lunch for the day.

I've been to the Dallas Farmers Market several times, but I usually grab a cup of jambalaya from Tailgaters (cajun food) and a half dozen of macarons from Chelle's Macarons. I quickly found my way to Rex's Seafood and ordered one lobster roll to-go which came with my choice of one side, so I chose red beans and rice. The lobster salad was so fresh and even the roll it was stuffed in was delicious, too! Once I finished my lobster roll, I remembered that I had the beans left to eat, so I practically inhaled those next. I definitely recommend this spot and will for sure be trying other items from their menu in the future!

Lobster roll and red beans & rice from Rex's Seafood at The Market

Lobster roll and red beans & rice from Rex's Seafood at The Market

Rex's Seafood at The Market is located in the Dallas Farmers Market
at 920 S. Harwood St.

Weekend Brunch at Henry's Majestic in Dallas

henry's majestic brunch menu

Late last month, I finally got a bite at Henry's Majestic during a lunch meeting. The Maple Bourbon Meatballs were delicious and it's all I had time to order before dashing out early. I've heard that their brunch is amazing and last Saturday, I had a chance to try the menu with one of my good blogger friends, Kelley of The Style Barn. We sat on the patio and it was poppin' this time!

Is it really brunch if you don't have a cocktail? I had the Seasonal Stone Fruit Smash which was semi-sweet and fruity with herbs and Kelley ordered the Sparkling Bar with champagne, fresh fruits, and housemade cordials. 

Starters: Warm Vanilla Coffee Cake (Kelley's) and Buttermilk Biscuits (mine)

Starters: Warm Vanilla Coffee Cake (Kelley's) and Buttermilk Biscuits (mine)

The biscuits were good. They were regular biscuits; however, the homemade jam was pretty tasty. BUT I did have a little bit of Kelley's coffee cake and nearly melted when I tasted the warm cinnamon streusel cake baked to perfection (not overcooked or undercooked) in a mini skillet drizzled with icing and topped with fresh raspberries. If you're in the mood for a sweet starter, this is a fantastic option that is sharable if you're feeling generous.

Main Dish: Black Cherry French Toast with jalapeño bacon and stone mill grits (mine) and Charred Tomatillo Chilaquiles (Kelley's)

Main Dish: Black Cherry French Toast with jalapeño bacon and stone mill grits (mine) and Charred Tomatillo Chilaquiles (Kelley's)

Stone Mill Grits from Henry's Majestic

Stone Mill Grits from Henry's Majestic

For the main dish, I ordered the Black Cherry French Toast with a side of jalapeño bacon (I was feeling spicy and it was to die for) and stone mill grits. Usually when I order french toast, it's strawberry shortcake, lemon zest, or just regular...which are all delicious. I figured I would get something new with the cabernet cherries. While I'm sure anyone could put cherries on french toast, I think what really made this dish unique was the cardamom whipped cream. 

Originally, Kelley ordered the Charred Tomatillo Chilaquiles, but decided to get the Porchetta Egg Sandwich instead which is served on a brioche roll with gruyere cheese and Sriracha aioli.

Kelley eating her Porchetta Egg Sandwich

Kelley eating her Porchetta Egg Sandwich

We talked long after our finished dishes were carried away and by the time we left, the dinner crowd was filing in the door. 🙈 I've seen so many have brunches at Henry's Majestic, but now that I've had a chance to try the menu, I would definitely recommend it for a fun, casual brunch with friends. Brunch has become a huge part of our culture, so it's nice to switch things up sometimes. Henry's Majestic's menu will give your friends a chance to try new dishes for brunch rather than the same old options. 

Henry's Majestic is located at 4900 McKinney Ave. in Uptown Dallas

I was invited back to Henry's Majestic to try out the brunch menu for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Whisk Crêpes Café | French Delectables in the Heart of Dallas

I always seem to find the cutest Dallas food spots on Instagram -- places I don't ever find in a Google search. That's the power of social media for you! The other day, I came across Whisk Crêpes Cafe in Dallas that I immediate knew I needed to try. 

Since I was in the area today working on a new city article, I decided to stop by for a quick bite. The entire menu consists of only crêpes both savory and sweet. There are several specialty dishes, but you can also create your own crepe by choosing the toppings à la carte.

I spent a few minutes at the register browsing the menu trying to figure out what type I wanted before settling on the Cinnamon Apple on flour (buckwheat is also available for savory crêpes). It was delicious! Triangle folded filled with cinnamon apples and cream cheese, drizzled in caramel and topped with pecans. It tasted like a comfy overcast day watching Netflix on a plate. Every single bite was enjoyable.

If you're a huge crêpe fan or want a wider variety than what you'd typically find on a restaurant menu, this is where you need to go. I love sweet, dessert-tasting things...but next time I go, I definitely want to try a savory crêpe.

Whisk Crêpes Cafe is located at 1888 Sylvan Ave.
They are now open 7 days a week from 8AM-10PM

DINNER | Jamaican Delicacies at The Island Spot in Oak Cliff

I've been eyeing The Island Spot for a minute and now that they have locations in both of my hoods (Oak Cliff and Carrollton), I had to go ahead and try them out! With some roots in Trinidad and a Nigerian boyfriend, I'm no stranger to flavorful foods...but I'm always down to try new things. Plus, it's black-owned and authentic -- no BS here. Originally, I scheduled to visit the spot this week until a few friends wanted to try it out last Friday. There was a live DJ and plenty of people enjoying the vibes. I ordered fried plantains to start and brown stew chicken for my main dish along with Jamaican soda. It was delicious and my leftovers were even better the next afternoon after the spices really had a chance to settle.

When I went back earlier this week, I was able to sample quite a few different Caribbean dishes from what I had before. The Island Spot is definitely great for weekend nights if you want to go out with friends for dinner and their drinks are delicious! I love that this restaurant is so authentic and the food is perfectly prepared. Everything had flavor and a kick which is exactly what I live for when it comes to food. I enjoyed every drink and dish from the rum punch to the jerk chicken. I now have a new spot to frequent on my list!

Here's a little of what's on the menu:

Learn more about The Island Spot and read their story

What are you waiting for? Stop by and enjoy the vibes! There are locations in Carrollton and Oak Cliff.