BREAKFAST | Black Walnut Cafe in Flower Mound: Lemon Zest French Toast

black walnut cafe frenchie breakfast

Talking about food and travel is completely new for my brand, but there are so many non-chain hot spots to dine in and one of my goals for 2016 is to do some really cool things outside of Dallas, too. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge foodie. Plus, I want to show and talk about more than one pretty Instagram photo of my dishes when I go out.

Most mornings, I just skip breakfast. It's a terrible habit that I've found difficult to break at 23 years-old, so sometimes I have to force myself to get something. At most, I'll have a glass of orange juice or a smoothie. With a long day ahead of me, I decided to hop up and visit Black Walnut Cafe in Flower Mound (Texas) for the first time. There are other locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Austin, and Houston.

black walnut cafe flower mound

I was warmly greeted when I walked in, handed a menu to browse, and told that seating was open. At first I was going to sit inside, but after placing my order, I thought I'd soak up the morning sun and sit on the covered patio. They're also equipped for summer in Texas with fans to keep cool, but I'm not sure if they're heated for cooler weather.

black walnut cafe menu
black walnut cafe outdoor patio

Customer service

Once I ordered, I was handed one of those buzzers that alerts you when your food is ready to pick up, but the hostess/server ended up kindly offering to bring my food to the table when it was ready. She was very nice and checked on me just the right amount of times while still allowing me to enjoy my food in peace. Another employee (who I believe to be the manager) also checked on me half-way through my meal. The customer service was perfect at this location during my experience.

black walnut cafe lemon zest french toast

The Food

One of the worst feelings after an experience at a new restaurant is to feel like you've wasted your money, but luckily, I didn't feel like that at Black Walnut Cafe.

The orange juice was freshly squeezed (no BS -- actually freshly squeezed) with high pulp. It was perfectly and naturally sweet with zero tartness. I could have gulped more than one glass for sure.

I was actually very impressed with the many flavors my tastebuds were able to sense. I ordered the 'Frenchie' which included french toast, house potatoes, thick cut bacon, and eggs (which I substituted for spicy Italian sausage). The French toast had a delicious lemon [zest] flavor that really gave the traditional breakfast dish a twist. It was lightly powdered with sugar and cannoli creme, and New England syrup on the side to drizzle. 

The spicy Italian sausage and bacon were both delicious and seasoned very well. Meat being seasoned means the world to me and I was not disappointed! The house potatoes could have used a tad bit of salt (there was some on the table that I could have used myself), but since there was already so much flavor, I decided to go without.

Overall, it was a delicious experience that I would recommend to anyone! I can't wait to go back for brunch or dinner.

black walnut cafe breakfast potatoes sausage and bacon

If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, or Houston areas, find a Black Walnut Cafe near you! Have you dined here before? Let me know about your experience & thoughts in the comments!