LUNCH | Hattie's in Bishop Arts District: French Martini, Tomato Bisque & Crab Cake Salad

hattie's dallas crab cake entree salad

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon discussing business with a few others at Hattie's in the Bishop Arts District. As a Dallas native, I've never really spent a ton of time hanging out in this area but, of course, I am very familiar. Just as I do with any new restaurant I visit, I checked out the menu beforehand to get a feel for what type of cuisine I was in for. Whether you're going for brunch, lunch, dinner, or just for drinks, the menu is well planned. You're definitely going to get the Southern cuisine you're looking for here!

hattie's restaurant bishop arts district

When I pulled up in front of the restaurant, I was very happy to see that there was a valet service. Good luck finding parking in this area on a Saturday! We arrived at 1PM for lunch and the kitchen closed at 2:30PM then reopened at 5:30PM for the dinner crowd. Valet closes at 3PM and opens again later when Hattie's reopens. We sat in the waiting area for a bit until our entire party arrived to be seated.

hattie's dallas lobby
hattie's dallas bar

I absolutely loved the decor! For some reason, I've been on the hunt for a historical looking bust statue for my apartment, so the one behind the bottles at the bar caught my eye. There are some great interior details in this space.

Once we all arrived, we were escorted to our table/half booth which was a great spot by the window with fantastic lighting. The menu wasn't very extensive which was perfect. It kept me from struggling to choose what to order because there were only a few options for each category of the menu. Keep reading to see what I ordered!

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soup/appetizer: Tomato bique w/ mini grilled cheese

Tomato soup is my absolute favorite! Tomato basil, tomato bisque, all of it. I loved that Hattie's version comes with a mini grilled cheese sandwich on the rim of the bowl. If there's many anything involved...count me in. You can eat the grilled cheese separately or dip it into the tomato bisque. All of the flavors were right and perfectly balanced. I don't think there was anything super special about it, but it was delicious nonetheless.

hattie's dallas tomato bisque mini grilled cheese

entree salad: carolina crab cake

I'm self-proclaimed crab cake queen and a creature of habit. Any restaurant I visit, I have to try their crab cake because not all crab cakes are created equally. There are different types of crab that can be used, some are lump, some are heavily breaded (I don't like this kind), and the list goes on. Most crab cakes are served with a remoulade sauce or tartar sauce. I love the flavor of the spices in remoulade sauces, but these can also be created very differently from chef to chef.

Hattie's Carolina Crab Cake Salad had the perfect pairings. For approximately $15, I think it is worth the money. The dish comes with one crab cake (always pay attention to singular versus plural so you're not surprised) with remoulade, field greens, and two small slices of avocado. I was happy to see that the crab cake was of a decent size (perhaps approx. 3 oz) and was filled with crab meat held together with very little breading. This is good news to a crab cake lover!

hattie's dallas crab cake entree salad

cocktail: french martini w/ chambord

We were too full for dessert on this trip, but we did order cocktails with our food. Hattie's has a great cocktail menu -- the average price is $10-12 per drink. If you're looking for cheap drinks, this is not the place. However, I will say that they are worth the money and delicious. I ordered the French Martini which contained vodka, Chambord (black raspberry liqueur), and pineapple juice. The glass is garnished with a lemon peel and my ColourPop lipstick in The Rabbit.

Literally the day before, I was searching for liquor shops in Dallas that carried Chambord because I have a recipe that I want to use it in for the blog this month, so I was really excited to try this specific drink before I actually go pick up a bottle.

hattie's dallas french martini chambord

This Dallas spot is on my list for brunch. It would also make a great date night dinner spot with your significant other! If you've never been to Hattie's, definitely check out their website and I recommend making reservations because this place seems like it's jumping, especially on the weekend.

Have you dined here before? Let me know what you thought and/or your favorite dish in the comments!

Visit Hattie's website | View Menus | Make reservations: 214.942.7400