LUNCH | Komali Contemporary Mexican Cuisine in Uptown

On Friday, I stopped by Komali Contemporary Mexican Cuisine on Cole Ave for a drink and light lunch. I'm no stranger to this area, but I can't believe I've never stepped foot in Komali! It's crazy how you go so long without noticing a spot until you actually plan to visit. When I pulled up, there weren't very many cars at all since I arrived right in the middle of the day at around 1PM -- this is just the way I love to dine in a restaurant.

I walked in and fell in love with the ambiance. The style of the decor was very contemporary and a little chic. I instantly thought of it as the perfect "after 5" spot. Slip on your sexiest pumps after work to head over with your group of girlfriends or meet up with your significant other! Everything from the decor to the food is artful and it's an intimate setting.

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I let the restaurant know that I would be needing a table for one for the afternoon. You can make reservations and I would highly recommend it especially during peak hours during happy hours, in the evenings, and for brunch on the weekend (this goes for any spot).

A few moments after I was seated and had a chance to look at the menu, my server brought over a platter of fresh and warm strip tortilla chips with salsa. I was happy because there are some restaurants that don't bring anything complimentary before the food and by the time I'm finally ready to order, my head is pounding. So, yay for the chips and salsa!

The Cocktail | Black Passio Margarita

When it came to the cocktail menu, I wasn't really sure what to order. I love sweeter drinks, so the Black Passio Margarita was suggested to me. The drink was delicious with the blackberry puree and passion fruit, but just strong enough with El Mayor Reposado (tequila) and Coitreau (triple sec/orange flavored liqueur). It wasn't too "watered down" with fruity flavors either, but enough for me to enjoy the drink. If you're not a fan of regular margaritas like me and need the fruitiness, this is a great option.

The Food | Chicken Tinga Sopes & Quesadillas

Komali was nice enough to let me order a complimentary appetizer, so I decided to simply order a second appetizer to keep it light. I really wanted to save room for my next stop, too. First up was the chicken tinga sopes which is described as a flash-fried masa disc topped with slow-braised chicken, black beans, queso fresco, cilantro, and crema. Usually when I try a new spot, I ask the servers for suggestions for the simple fact that I like to make sure I'm not gravitating towards something I'd usually get. This was the server's suggestion and I was quite pleased with the flavors! There was actually a bit of a "kick" that really pepped up my tastebuds.

Yes, these are quesadillas and they're so beautiful! They're crafted with handmade tortillas and filled with Chihuahua cheese, calabacitas, and spinach. That pop of green on the plate is molcajete salsa. Not only does this make a fabulous Instagram photo, but it's a nice suggestion for that vegetarian girlfriend who has to approve the menu before you pick a restaurant. I cut one open for y'all to see the deliciousness on the inside.

Overall, I loved my first experience at Komali. If you're in the Uptown area, I'd highly recommend it. The staff provided excellent customer service and were very attentive, the food and drink was spot on, and the vibes were right. Not to mention, they've been featured in D Magazine quite a few times and awarded for their cocktails crafted by bar manager + chief mixologist, Leann Berry! Komali is a Dallas gem.

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Komali is located at 4152 Cole Ave. Suite 106 in Dallas, Texas. Free valet parking is available (a huge plus), but be sure to keep their special hours in mind when you're making your reservation